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The Best Football Betting Software

What is the Best Football Betting Software?

With the NFL back in action, sportsbook operators are searching for the top sportsbook software. Check out what bookies should look for in software that satisfies their pro football betting players and themselves.

Although many National Football League teams have played and will continue to play in empty stadiums, it looks as if the most popular sport in the United States is on track for an excellent season. After Week 1, the Kansas City Chiefs, Baltimore Ravens, New Orleans Saints, and Seattle Seahawks showed why they were preseason favorites to win the Super Bowl.

The top players in the NFL, Russel1 Wilson at Seattle, Lamar Jackson at Baltimore, and Patrick Mahomes at KC, showed why they’re NFL MVP contenders. The NFL’s first week in the Year of COVID went off without a hitch. Let’s cross our fingers that things remain as fantastic in Week 2 and beyond.

For sports bettors, the NFL’s return added normalcy. Most sports bettors wager on gridiron games. Some people exclusively bet on football, which is why sportsbook operators must search for the top bookie software.

All sportsbook operating software isn’t the same. Some offer things that apply to players. Others provide value to bookmakers. In this blog, we dive deep into what to look for in football betting software that satisfies both bookie and player requirements.

Football betting software that makes players happy

We’ll start with the least important aspect of sports betting software. Although players need to have access to football wagering software, it’s not so important that it supersedes bookmaking business software.

What happens in the front of the house, especially online, doesn’t matter as much as what happens in the back of the house. The software that leads to football betting isn’t nearly as essential as the software you use to run your sportsbook.

The below list tells us what a successful sportsbook owner requires to satisfy their betting on football customers.

  • A site that never goes down
  • A site that’s easy to access and log onto
  • A place that clearly states what football wagers are available
  • A place that clearly states how much money the player may wager
  • A site that allows for players to easily make bets
  • A site that updates and grades wagers as quickly as possible

It doesn’t look like a lot, but that’s what most pro football betting players wish. They don’t care about bells and whistles. Football wagering clients aren’t into pretty sites that promise unicorns and rainbows. They want to log onto their bookies’ platform, make the football wager of their choice, watch the game, and root for the team they backed.

Not all pay per head sportsbook software is the same

Bookies that run a pph sportsbook mustn’t worry so much about what the player sees. As long as the football betting software works, the bookie is good to go. Why? The bookies mustn’t stress about what the players see because the real rise in cortisol levels happens on the back end.

Most businesses are like this. Cosmetics, the skin of a company, doesn’t tell us how healthy the business is on the inside. Dollars and cents, the bottom line, revenue generation, profit-boosting, and saving measures mean more than anything else.

Businesses must know how to pay their vendors and collect payment from their customers. For pph agents, this means paying players on winning bets and securing payments from players on losing bets. Without a viable financial transaction system, bookies must scramble to pay and get paid.

Search for “what is a bookie,” and you will see that most per head companies don’t mention the most crucial aspect of running a book that caters towards football betting clients. Instead, they talk about moving wagering lines, offering sports options, and live betting to players, or they discuss live dealers and online casino betting.

Don’t get us wrong. All of those things are important. A bookie doesn’t want to sign with a pay per head organization that doesn’t offer those things. But the most critical aspect of any bookmaker’s operation is to know how they will pay their players and how they will get paid.

PayPerHead is the only per head company that can offer an actual payment and deposit system. Our Agent Payment Solution (APS®) allows per head agents to pay via multiple banking methods. Players can pay our agents via various ways as well, including a credit card.

First, search for diversified banking method solutions

Bookies should first search for a company that helps them run their backend services. The most important aspect of any football betting software is paying players and collecting. Until bookies are comfortable knowing how they will make payouts and acquire payments, the rest doesn’t matter.

The only company that offers a deposit and payout system like this is When sportsbook operators decide to import their players to a pay per head organization or choose to become an online software bookie, they should look to us first because we know how you can pay your players and get paid.  

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