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NFL Info: How Many Players on a Football Team this Season?

How Many NFL Players on a Team this Season?

Learn how many NFL players are on a football team this season. COVID-19 changed the NFL roster limits and rules. Discover how many players are allowed on a team on game days.

Football betting is back. The best part is COVID-19 hasn’t affected NFL odds nearly as much as initially feared. Outside of empty stadiums, it’s been business as usual. 

For the first two weeks of the season, no players have tested positive for COVID-19. That means bookies using free betting software should understand the odds they’re offering are as pure as any other NFL season. However, when trying to become a bookie, part of your job is knowing NFL info on every contingency plan should COVID-related rules come into play.  

How Many Players On A NFL Football Team This Season?

The most significant change to NFL rosters during this odd COVID-19 season is the size of the roster. NFL rosters have grown from 53 players to 55 on game day (48 active) by temporarily promoting players from their practice squads. The change alleviates any stress COVID could cause to NFL rosters as we head into the season’s colder months.

The NFL also agreed to expand practice squad rosters from 12 to 16 in 2020 to make up for the possibility of positive COVID-19 tests throughout the season. More practice squad players mean more replacements should a team outbreak occur. 

What Happens On A Football Team If A Player Tests Positive?

One of the reasons the 2020 NFL season has begun with so much positivity is due to testing

procedures. The NFL has tested daily for COVID-19 since the start of NFL training camps. Testing procedures have continued into the regular season. Thus far, only six players have tested positive for COVID-19. A player is eligible to play as long as his test results are confirmed negative two hours before kickoff. This means bettors unsure about a particular player have more than enough time to wait for accurate info before placing bets in via bookie software

Bookies should let their bettors know that once they place wagers against the spread,

total, or on the moneyline, they will have action regardless of whether COVID-19 removes a significant player on game day. That’s why if they are concerned about a player suiting up, waiting until about 90 minutes before kickoff to place bets is the sharpest course of action.

As for NFL futures, things get more complicated. Once a player tests positive, it could affect a team for up to two weeks.

  • If a player tests positive and shows symptoms, at least 10 days must pass since the symptoms first occurred, and at least 72 hours, since the symptoms last appeared. This likely adds up to two games missed.
  • If a player tests positive but does not show symptoms, he can return either 10 days after the positive test or in just five days if the player tests negative twice. A quick turnaround may allow a player to sneak on to the roster before missing the next game.

How Does the Reserve/COVID-19 List Work?

If you’re worried about an NFL team having a bunch of COVID positive players and not

having proper depth to compete, the NFL put a plan in place for that as well. There’s a special category on the injury report if a player with COVID-19 has come in contact with someone who has it. Called “Reserve/COVID-19”. The list has unlimited spots.

That said, teams are also not allowed to disclose whether the player has the virus or simply quarantining due to coming in contact with a positive person. The unlimited amount of spots should protect your pph sportsbook from canceling any wagers due to postponed games.

It appears the NFL has ensured the show will go on regardless of how many players get sick. But should an outbreak occur, bookies should use their sports betting software to keep track of updated odds to ensure no last-minute action affects their bottom line.

How Does COVID Affect A Football Team After A Player Returns?

There have been sporadic reports that COVID-19 can cause heart conditions in athletes, but that’s been rare and has stayed at the amateur level. When it comes to pro-level athletes, NBA players who contracted the virus have come out of protocol unscathed. Therefore, barring some unforeseen circumstances, most NFL players should return from COVID-19 ready to play at full strength.

Again, bookmakers should let their customers know that a player infected by COVID-19 will not alter any future bets like odds to win Super Bowl LV or odds to win NFL 2021 MVP. Those will still have action.

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