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What is a Sports Betting Agency?

What is a Sports Betting Agency?

The terms bookie and agent are often used interchangeably when writing about them, but there is a difference. We previously wrote about the differences between a betting agent and a bookie. You can read that blog here

I wanted to elaborate more on the differences and the pros and cons of working with a Sports Betting Agency. 


An agency is an individual or group of people that work as a liaison between a bettor and a bookie. In the simplest terms, they place the bets for you. But they do more than that. 

They put together deals between bettors and bookies or sportsbooks. They are often called brokers because that is essentially what they are. A sports agent or broker is the same thing.

Why would anyone need such a service? If you dealt with only one bookie, you wouldn’t need an agent. But if you like shopping around for the best odds, a betting agent can do that for you. They help bettors get the best deals on a sports bet by finding bookmakers with the best odds online. 


If you are a serious bettor and don’t stick to one bookie, using a betting agent might be best for you. Rather than open accounts with multiple bookmakers, you just set yourself up with one agent. They are usually connected with many top bookies. You get access to them on one centralized platform so you can find the best odds for the bets you want to place.

You can find the best deals yourself or go to the odds comparison websites, but do you have an account with each of those sportsbooks? Do you have to open a new account each time you find a new bookie? If you did, you could start your own agency!

Let the betting agent set up all those bookie accounts. You don’t want to have your money spread out and deposited in online sportsbooks that you may only use once or two a year. Also, you won’t be able to create a good relationship like an agent can. You won’t be able to get attractive odds like they can. They might even have deals with some bookmakers to give better odds in return for bringing more bettors.

The advantage to a bookie is that the sports agent could act as a buffer between the bookie and a sharp player, alerting the bookie so he can plan accordingly. 

You Can Get Away with More

Agents will give you more leeway to do things that many bookies won’t let you do, such as betting higher amounts. Because of government regulations or because online sportsbooks don’t want to risk going broke, they’ll limit the amount a sports bettor can make. But an agent doesn’t have that restriction. The other advantage is being anonymous. This is especially important to the bettor who has been banned.

Most players find bookies that are relatively local to them. It’s easier to work with someone who might have some things in common with them, especially sports teams. But it doesn’t mean you’ll get the best bookies that way. Using an agent, you can get connected to the best sharp bookies online, wherever they are. 

International Bets

If you’re looking to wager in international markets, your local bookie might not be able to get you there, especially in the Asian markets. You won’t have that same restriction when working with an agent. They can get you into most markets worldwide and even have access to Asian bookmakers. 


Cost is the main problem of going with an agent. They usually charge an extra fee for their services. And understandably so. They manage relationships with a number of bookies and bookmakers that they consider to provide the best odds and deals. 

They keep on top of all of them and their lines to provide you with the best ones. If you are a successful sports bettor, then the added cost may be worth it if you end up making more money. As I said earlier, you can do all that yourself, but is it worth your time, and will you be able to do as good a job?

Unfortunately, most agents generally deal with larger sums of money and bigger bets. They attract the more experienced gambler. If a player is not ready to commit to more serious play, an agent may not want to work with them. 

Become a Bookie that Agents Would Love to Work With

Whether you’re working with an agent, broker, or directly with a sports bettor, PayPerHead’s betting software will help you be a top-notch online sportsbook. We provide the best platform for wagering on sporting events and casino games. 

Call 1-800-605-4767 today to join PayPerHead and become a leader of the pack. Depending on the size of your sportsbook, you’ll get 100% cash back for up to 3 months.

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