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Tips on How to Start a Gambling Website

Tips on How to Start a Gambling Website

In the next few years, most expect online gambling to grow at a fast pace. Gambling software allows anybody with an entrepreneurial spirit to start and run their sportsbook. Check out tips on how people looking to ride the online gaming trend can start an individual gambling website.

Most analysts in the United States are bullish regarding online gambling’s growth. The latest numbers expect online betting to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.5% from now until 2027. Six years of an over 11% CAGR is impressive for any industry.

The growth of gambling websites may already have baked into current U.S. based companies. Online sports betting, horse racing, and casino companies based in the U.S. saw a massive uptick in growth for 2020. The coronavirus pandemic stay-at-home rules and states jumping onto the legalization path helped fuel the gaming stock price rise.

Although that’s good news for company shareholders, the profits may not last. The sports bettor and bookie have a special relationship. Not only that, but online sports betting has been around at least since the mid-1990s.

PayPerHead started in 1997. The one thing that no analyst can predict is what segment of gambling stands to benefit more, companies trading stock on Wall Street, or the on the ground bookie, the individual entrepreneur offering free betting software to fuel their privately owned gambling website sportsbooks.

We recently did a survey where we discovered that the sportsbook operator and the player relationship remains the single most crucial factor in players’ sportsbook relationship decisions. Players want to bet with someone they trust. Bookies want to sign-up players they can trust.

With that in mind, we’re providing the tips you require to start your gambling website. Large corporations aren’t the only ones who can benefit from the rise in online betting. We predict that the people who benefit the most will be pay per head agents because of the bookie and sports bettor relationship.

Top Four Tips on How to start a Profitable Gambling Website

Tip #1: Sign-up with

If our first tip sounds like we’re tooting our own horn, it’s because we are. One of the reasons Fortune 500 companies have signed deals with organizations like Salesforce is that they know that they must use the best software to make the most money they can.

It’s the same reason Zoom became a force in 2020. Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Salesforce all offer software that helped companies transition from land-based organizations to those that could do business online.

PayPerHead offers the best bookie software available. No other company can provide what we can. If you’re serious about riding the online gambling wave and creating your own gambling website business, you must first decide to use the software that will help you make the most money.   

Tip #2: Don’t be afraid to use the Agent Payment Solution 

Once you do sign up with PayPerHead, you must use the Agent Payment Solution (APS®). The APS allows you to make online payments and collections. 

No other per head company offers such a powerful platform. By making online payments and collections, you speed up the funding, betting, and payment process. 

Paying your players quicker means they have money in their accounts to make bets. Collecting quicker means you send money to your bottom line faster. Speeding up the flow of cash always leads to more profit. 

Also, the Agent Payment Solution allows you to sign-up players who don’t even live in the same zip code as you do. Although the relationship between bookie and player is alive and well, the player referral aspect is also alive and well.

Since the dawn of sports betting, players have referred other players. With the APS, you can sign up referred players that don’t live in the same city as you do. 

Like you, players can fund their accounts with various banking methods. One of those methods is credit cards, making it easy for players to get money into their betting accounts.     

Tip #3: Add premium digital platforms

One of the best ways to grow your gambling website company is to add prime digital platforms. The Premium Casino, Premium Live Dealer, and Live+ platforms can boost your overall revenue by up to 15%.

All three provide advantages above and beyond the standard platforms. The Premium Casino offers the latest 3D games. The Premium Live Dealer has more blackjack tables. The Live+ platform offers game trackers and video streams.

Live+ is a great way to keep players on your sportsbook. By offering game trackers and video streams, your players have no reason to check out a different book. Everything they require to make informed, in-game bets, they can find on the Live+ platform.

One of the essential advantages of adding premium platforms is control. Per head agents decide which players can access what platforms. In the case of casino betting, this prevents players from developing a relationship with specific dealers.   

Tip #4: Read our blogs and listen to Redz Reviews on YouTube

As a business owner, you want to stay informed. Make sure to read our blogs and check out the Redz Reviews show on YouTube. 

We write our blogs based on what’s happening in the pay per head industry and what we’re doing as a company to help our agents make more money. 

Red uses our software to run a white label sportsbook. He knows what he’s talking about, and his shows always come from the viewpoint of someone like you, a bookie who wants to satisfy his customers and make and run a successful company.    

Only PayPerHead helps you become a master agent

There is one more thing to discuss, your goal as a bookie entrepreneur. We provide software that helps you grow your gambling website sportsbook as large as you’d like. The Agent Payment Solution has helped some of our agents transition from bookies with five to ten players to master agent status.

Master agents use sportsbook software to build franchise-like bookie operations quickly. The master agent is the umbrella. 

Sub-agents and all of their players exist under the master agent. The master agent charges a fee to each sub-agent under their umbrella. software is the best in the industry to help small sportsbook betting software agents to become master agents. Right now, we’re running a great promotion where you pay $3 per head until Super Bowl LV on February 7. Make sure to import your players or start your bookie business with us soon before the deal ends.   

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