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NFL Team Total Bets

NFL Team Total Bets & How to Profit From Them

Learn to promote NFL team total bets for the 2020-21 season. The NFL team total betting guide helps you profit from NFL team total wagers, and tells you which squads your players are likely to back.

The rise of football as the mainstream sport in the United States isn’t just because of hard hits and internet access. It’s betting.

No sport has entered the sports betting arena better than the National Football League. From wagers on the spread and total on NFL Sundays to debating who has the best value odds to win the Super Bowl.

But around this time, Pay Per Head bookies should see a growing interest in NFL team total bets – AKA over/under regular-season wins. Sports media will be flooding the airwaves with hot takes on how teams will perform during the 2020 season. That should, in turn, inspire your bettors to join the debate by placing bets on NFL team totals.

Here’s how to profit from NFL team total bets and which teams should attract the most attention.

Hedge the Local NFL Football Homers

Like real-estate, profiting from your bettors is about location, location, location. Understanding where your bettors play from is a staple of sharp bookmaking in the online age.

If most of your players are from New York, don’t be surprised if most New York Jets or Giants fans are betting over the total – no matter how bad those teams may be.

The instinct for bettors to overvalue their favorite team is strong. We suggest bookie software agents profit on that instinct by adjusting the odds a half-point up to balance the action. 

If you have fans with a deep-rooted bias towards their team’s division rivals, hedge the competition a half-point down.

The COVID Effect On NFL Team Total Bets

COVID-19 has affected everything in the United States. Therefore, bettors should prepare for it to affect NFL team total betting.

More than any other season, bookies should be keeping track of Twitter, or sports tickers to avoid leaving odds exposed. A marquee player could contract the virus during the season, or leave the team for personal reasons. As quickly as a report drops that a player will miss time due to illness, a sharp bettor will attack your NFL total bets on specific teams.

Also, don’t underestimate COVID’s effect on some squads more than others. Florida continues to see a surge in COVID cases. Therefore, teams in that area (Tampa Bay; Miami) could play under team-total expectations.

Will There Be a Home-Field Advantage in 2020?

From spread betting to NFL total team betting, home-field advantage in pro football matters more than any other sport. The issue this year is, will home-field matter?

While the NFL and its owners have had tunnel vision in terms of how it expects the 2020-21 season to unfold, reality says it’s hard to envision over 75,000 fans piling into Arrowhead Stadium. 

There may be no fans; there may be barely any fans. It’s bound to affect NFL totals in a way oddsmakers haven’t accounted.

As we move into August, PPH bookies should pay attention to the NFL’s stadium plan. If “home-field” becomes “empty field” adjust odds accordingly.

NFL Total Team Bets to Watch

While NFL oddsmakers are always a step ahead of bettors, COVID-19 is an unforeseen variable that could leave your book exposed. Here are the teams to keep an eye on as we approach the 2020 kickoff.

Arizona Cardinals 7.5 O/U Total Wins

Ever Since wideout DeAndre Hopkins got traded to the Cardinals, the hype is building for a sophomore jump from 2019 Rookie of the Year, quarterback Kyler Murray. Another name at WR, Larry Fitzgerald, is on the other side, adding to the excitement for Cards fans. 

You may see bettors, especially around the state of Arizona, attack the over with the Los Angeles Rams dwindling and Seattle entering another season without much offseason improvement.

Baltimore Ravens 11.5 O/U Total Wins

While NFL betting is hitting its widest demographic ever, bookies will have their share of sportsbook vets who remember when football was played and won from the pocket.

That’s why bookies should beware of sharp, old-school bettors hammering an admittedly aggressive 11.5 total. Lamar Jackson is still proving his QB style can dominate any defensive gameplan. If you see wagers on the under start to climb, we suggest making the over more expensive or moving the total a half-point.

Chicago Bears 8.5 O/U Total Wins

We’re not here to make predictions, but we suspect players may chase the under with a Bears team that hasn’t had the most optimistic offseason. Free-agent signing Nick Foles is a QB only capable when given spot duty. And “franchise” QB Mitch Trubisky hasn’t been “franchise” at any point in his young career.

The Bears lack firepower in a division that sandwiches them between improving squads Green Bay and Minnesota. Moving the odds may be required as we approach the regular season.

New England Patriots 9.5 O/U Total Wins

Tom Brady’s gone, but the Patriots will get plenty of attention in 2020. Head coach Bill Belichick is still calling the shots, and they’ve signed QB Cam Newton. The only question is, what direction will your bettors go? 

9.5 wins is a bit high for a Brady-less Pats team that looked weak in the 2019 playoffs, but Buffalo is their only competition in the AFC East. We suggest paying attention to the Newton-Belichick marriage in training camp and seeing if bettors wager heavily on one side.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 9.5 O/U Total Wins

Brady, Rob Gronkowski, and Michael Evans. The trio could have novice-to-veteran bettors seeing Buccaneers red when they notice they need just ten wins from the GOAT-led Bucs to cash.

Considering Brady’s aging arm and a team in a COVID hot spot, 9.5 is a solid line. However, it may be smart to move some juice to the over to see if bettors still bite.

Promote NFL Team Total Bets at Pay Per Head

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Pay Per Head offers up-to-date odds and the ability to shift those odds based on injuries or roster moves. Bookies can also create limits if the handle becomes too heavy or take bets off the board if there’s breaking news.

Sign up with Pay Per Head to access excellent bookie software. Also, bookies that refer their friends can receive up to 15% of their friends’ monthly deposits for an entire year.

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