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NBA Orlando Playoffs

NBA Orlando Playoffs – What Are They & How Bookies Can Capitalize

We’re a week into the National Basketball Association’s Orlando restart, and it’s safe to say the plan has been a success. The NBA has managed to keep its players protected and competitive. PPH sportsbooks should prepare for an uptick of NBA Orlando Playoffs betting. A stable on-court product means more confident bettors.

To ensure bookies maintain excitement into the postseason, we’ve outlined how the NBA Orlando Playoffs work and how PPH bookies can capitalize until the league crowns their champion.

How the 2020 NBA Orlando Playoffs Work

To provide seeding for the 2020 NBA Orlando Playoffs, the league gave borderline playoff teams a chance to get into the top 16. Before the first round of the playoffs, if the ninth seed in either conference is within four games of the eighth spot, both teams will play a best-of-three play-in series.

For example, the Los Angeles Lakers clinched the top seed in the West on August 3rd. They await the current No. 8 Memphis Grizzlies or No. 9 Portland Trailblazers to secure the last spot. If the Grizzlies don’t finish four games ahead of the ninth-seed Blazers, there will be a best-of-three series to decide who faces the powerhouse Lakers.

When all 16 teams clinch, the 2020 NBA playoffs becomes as simple as a COVID-free season. All rounds, including the NBA Finals, will be a best-of-seven series – 2–2–1–1–1 format. 

All games are still in the Orlando bubble. That means, the 2-2-1-1-1 format doesn’t mean much this season.

How Bookies Should Capitalize on the NBA Playoffs

Major League Baseball decided to allow teams to travel and self-police their COVID procedures; the result is severe outbreaks from the Miami Marlins and St. Louis Cardinals, which has led to postponed games.

The National Football League is planning a similar strategy. Already, some NFL players have opted out of the upcoming season. Some NFL analysts wonder if a non-bubble NFL season is even feasible. 

The NBA kept its players and games in one place. As a result, the on-court product looks and feels like we’re witnessing the same level of play and competition before the pandemic.

Use that to give your players plenty of rope to bet on the NBA playoffs in Orlando. Right now, spread, moneyline, and total betting on the pro basketball league is safer than on any other sport.

Make sure to suggest live betting on NBA games. Live betting allows players to wager on playoff games as they happen.

Bookies should also recognize that the bubble hasn’t affected league parity. Through the first 25 games, the favorites record against the spread is a mediocre 14-10-1. Totals are about 50/50 at 13-12. There hasn’t been an advantage in the bubble either way that can hurt your bottom line. It should give you the confidence to use your bookie software to increase limits if you’ve been cautious up until now.

2020 NBA Futures Update

While the NBA is still figuring out its top 16, the Lakers – currently +240 to win the 2020 NBA championship – have clinched. Expect some early money on the Lakers as they are the first NBA team to secure their seeding in the Orlando playoffs.

Another hot futures wager in the West are the Rockets. All season, odds and pundits viewed the Los Angeles Clippers as the biggest threat to the Lakers. However, the Rockets’ recent win against the Milwaukee Bucks with their small-ball style raised eyebrows.

Houston defeated the probable Eastern Conference No. 1 seed 120-116 despite losing the rebound battle 65-36. No team in NBA history had ever won a game losing the rebound battle by that margin. Their style is something nobody has ever seen on professional courts, making them a lucrative underdog for your players at +1600 to win it all.

Beware those overlay future odds on Houston. Make sure to set betting limits in your pph sportsbook.

Use Pay Per Head to Offer Odds on the NBA Orlando Playoffs

The NBA Orlando Playoffs are lining up to be the hottest wagers of 2020. The bookie software from Pay Per Head provides fresh odds to players and allows pph sportsbook operators to make on-the-fly changes.

Take advantage of Payperhead’s 3-for-3 Promo and only pay $3 per head for 3-months. Load up right through the start of the 2020 NFL season.

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