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sports betting tech gets bookies ahead

Bookies Get Ahead With Sports Betting Tech

Use state of the art per head sports betting tech to maintain and grow your sportsbook business.

Today’s bookies need to know and use sports betting tech to see success in their sportsbooks. Luckily for sportsbook owners, the technology required to run lucrative bookmaking operations exists.

Check out a brief history of the sportsbook industry. Then, we’ll dive into the sports betting tech that can make you a successful bookie.

A brief history of sports betting- notably without technology.

When did wagering start? Although we can’t prove it, there’s a good chance that Aztecs made wagers during Ullamaliztli games.

Betting is in our genes. We wager on everything. Even today, during a pandemic, folks are wagering on the weather.

 The first instances of wagering in the U.S. may have started with the Cajuns. Bettors wagered on horses that ran over bush tracks set up in Central Louisiana.

The first American football game happened on November 6, 1869. Rutgers beat Princeton 6-4. No doubt punters, that’s what we used to call bookies, accepted wagers on the winner.

Modern sports betting began with organized crime. It gained some respectability once Vegas opened sportsbooks.

In 2018, the Supreme Court knocked down the Professional and Amateur Sports Act. That brought sports betting into the mainstream.

It also opened the doors for anyone to run a professional sportsbook business and do so online with the right technology in place.

What is sports betting tech?

To run a successful sports betting operation, bookmakers had to hire underlings. Those assistant bookies answered phone calls and wrote down wagers on slips of paper. The primary punter wrote bets on a large chalkboard.

Think of a hard copy version of a Vegas betting board. But even the Vegas betting board is ancient in today’s world.

Now, bookies use sports betting tech to do everything. Like any viable technology, gaming tech allows its users to make systems and processes more efficient.

When it comes to sportsbook technology, there’s more to it. Sports betting tech allows bookies to survive and prosper.      

Sports betting tech bookies can’t live without

Bookies require the things we list. Becoming a bookie is easy, as we describe in our how to be a bookie article, Making money booking wagers isn’t. If your sportsbook ownership goal is to make money, get to know these features and tools.  

Payout, collections, and deposit solution

Money changes hands on every wager. Win or lose; bookies had to transact funds. Vegas does this with a cashier or teller.

The teller stands behind a cash register, takes betting money, and provides a ticket. Pay Per Head has digitized sportsbook tellers.

The Agent Payment Solution allows bookie agents to make quick payouts, collections, and deposits. Players mustn’t “stand in line” to make a wager.

The BossAction APS is your most essential tool. Financial transactions keep cash flowing. Whether you prefer using cryptocurrency or U.S. dollars, the APS helps cash flow into your company.

Then, some cash flows out as payment for winning bets. Most of the money goes to your bottom line.   

A layoff account and bet alerts

Per head agents cut risk with their layoff accounts. Using the layoff account with bet alerts is the best way to make that happen.

When a player makes a large wager, a bet alert pings the agent. The bookie can then decide to cut risk. The bookie does this by creating a wager like the player.

The trick is not to make the same exact wager. Doing so could leave profit on the table.

No bookie should use their layoff account like an actual sport betting account. Remember, you must pay back whatever you lose in your layoff account.

Overusing your layoff account leads to lost profit. Don’t ever forget that the absolute best sports handicappers make around a 10% to 15% profit.

That’s the best of the best. Sports bettors are wrong more than they’re right.   

Betting options

Players bet on what’s available. That’s why the best bookie agents offer much more than football, basketball, or baseball betting options.

Offer cricket, rugby, darts, anything and everything available. If a competition happens, see if you can offer wagering on that competition.

Then, let players know about it.

Live dealer casino

The live dealer casino is a perfect example of why betting options are so important.

Everyone knows how the Covid-19 crisis savaged sportsbooks. Without sports, bookies scrambled. Some had to close their shop.

But those who offered a live dealer casino didn’t. PayPerHead bookies saw a massive uptick in live dealer casino wagering.

Sports bettors turned to the live dealer casino.

Digital casino and racebook

Handicappers also turned to the PayPerHead digital casino and digital racebook.

Agents saw profit boosts for both platforms. Instead of sitting on their laurels, sports bettors became casino players and horseplayers.

Call PayPerHead customer service for sports betting tech questions

Bookie agents must use sports betting tech. It’s not even a choice. Those who don’t won’t survive.

That’s not a bad thing. It’s a good thing. Agents who choose PayPerHead have an advantage over their peers.

If you’ve got any questions about our sports betting technology, or if you’re a player looking to become a sportsbook owner, give us a shout. We’ll be more than happy to have a conversation.

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