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First Month and A Half NFL Over Under Total Betting Assessment

First Month and A Half NFL Over Under Total Betting Assessment

Oddsmaking experts are known for creating close to perfect over-under total NFL odds. But in 2021, oddsmakers are having trouble. Check out a list of the teams your players are backing to hit over and squads your players love to go under. 

For the most part, NFL bettors call bookie agents to place bets on teams against the spread. But that’s not always the case.

Professional pro football bettors like to make ATS bets and wagers over or under NFL game totals. Like against the spread wagering, pay per head agents know expert game total bettors can hurt their sportsbooks.

The best way to manage game totals is to use your layoff account. We’ve spent plenty of time in these blogs detailing when and how to offload risk via your layoff account.

Instead of going over those specifics again, it’s best to discuss the NFL over-under total betting teams your players are backing. 

NFL Over Under Total Betting After Week 5

These Five NFL Teams Are Crushing Over

Every team below has gone 4-1 over-to-under. 

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys’ offense is unstoppable. It averages 34 points per game. At 34 per, the Boys rank second in points in each contest. 

Not only has Dallas gone 4-1 over under the total, but they’ve also gone 5-0 against the spread. Beware the Cowboys parlay to cover and for their games to go over. 

The one time the Boys didn’t go over in the first five weeks was in a 20-17 victory against the Los Angeles Chargers. Dallas can play a slow-down game, which means there is always a chance oddsmakers could set false total lines.

What does that mean? It means you mustn’t always use your layoff account on Dallas bets to clock over the total.  

Los Angeles Rams 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Washington Football Team

Oddsmakers have yet to get a good idea of what total to set for Tampa, Washington, and the Los Angeles Rams. Why?

The main issue is that last season, all three teams produced dominating defenses. This season, the WFT is allowing 31 points each game, ranking thirty-first in the NFL. The Rams allow 23.2 points per, and the Bucs allow 24.4 each game. 

The Buccaneers also allow 349.4 passing yards in each contest. Because Tampa allows so many passing yards, they tend to become involved in pass-happy games. 

Tom Brady commits to match whatever the Buccaneers’ opposing quarterback does. Also? None of the three teams rush the ball well. 

Washington averages 108.8 per. But both the Rams and Bucs average less than 100 rushing yards each game. 

The more a team passes, the likelier the game goes over the total. 

Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs are an over machine. Kansas City not only averages 30.8 points per, but their defense ranks dead last in points allowed.

KC’s D can’t stop anybody. Opponents drop 32.6 onto Kansas City every game. 

Knowing his defense can’t stop any team in the NFL, Andy Reid must call pass play after pass play. 

The Chiefs are 2-3 after five weeks. Kansas City has gone 1-4 ATS while the over-under is 4-1. 

NFL over under total betting handicappers could hurt your book with a parlay bet against the Chiefs ATS to over the total. Use sportsbook software to limit parlay amounts.   

These Eight NFL Squads Are Pulverizing Under

After NFL Week 5, all teams below are 4-1 to the under.

Carolina Panthers

Denver Broncos

New England Patriots

The Panthers, Broncos, and Patriots rank in the top ten in yards allowed per game. Carolina ranks third in points allowed in each contest.

The Denver Broncos rank second in points allowed per. The Patriots rank fifth. 

If you can stop the opposing team from scoring, the chances of games going under are excellent. In the case of Carolina, Denver, and New England, all three teams run ball control offenses.

So it makes sense why those three teams would play in under games. The team that allows the least amount of points each contest, the Buffalo Bills, averages more points than any team in the league.

The total is 2-3 over-under in Buffalo’s five games. Bookie software agents must beware of parlays that involve Buffalo.  

The Bills have covered in 4-of-5, and it appears those who set NFL betting over-under odds have a good idea what total to set. Like always, fair odds requires bookie agents to use PPH sports software to manage action.     

Los Angeles Chargers

Chicago Bears

Pittsburgh Steelers

The Chargers, Bears, and Steelers are playing in under games for a couple of reasons. First, all three teams field good to great defenses.

Second, Chicago, Pittsburgh, and LAC prefer to employ a ball-control strategy. But although all three teams prefer to rush the football and control the clock, there are situations where they can light up the scoreboard.

The Chargers scored 26 points in the fourth quarter to beat the Cleveland Browns in their week five game. Pittsburgh scored 27 against the Denver Broncos to break a 3-game losing streak.

The Bears recently made a quarterback change. Rookie Justin Fields now starts, which means Chicago should open the offense more as the season progresses.

Cincinnati Bengals

Seattle Seahawks

Although both the Cincinnati Bengals and Seattle Seahawks are 4-1 to the under after five games, it isn’t easy to gauge what will happen for either moving forward.

The Bengals can score and have a decent defense. However, the unders may be due to the teams Cincinnati has played so far this season.

When Cincinnati faced the Bears, Steelers, and Jaguars, those teams hadn’t found their footing on offense. Also, Cincinnati’s week five loss to Green Bay was the fourth under in a row. 

There’s an excellent chance bookie website oddsmakers create much tighter totals. We already see this.

The total for Cincinnati’s game versus the Detroit Lions is 47.5. The score in the Bengals last versus Green Bay ended up 25-22, which is 47.

Adjustment to Seattle lines may have also already happened. The Seahawks will be without Russell Wilson for six to eight weeks.

Without Wilson, most believe Seattle rushes the football. On October 17, the Seahawks faced the Pittsburgh Steelers. The total for that game is 42.5. 

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