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FIFA World Cup 2022 Preview

FIFA World Cup 2022 Preview

FIFA World Cup 2022. There are less than two months to go before the first round starts. Each nation represented will have fans arriving shortly at the host nation or watching from sports bars and homes. Betting fans will be contemplating the first goals, knockout rounds, and winners. Bookies should promote their odds and get the bets in for the first matches. To keep your risk to a minimum, keep your limits in to encourage smaller bets but more of them. Have more bets but less of a dollar value per bet. 

First World Cup 

It is the first time we’ve had the World Cup in Qatar, which is why it’s been moved to November because of the high heat in the summer months. As the host nation, Qatar gets a free pass to be in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Since being announced as the host back in 2010, they have put together a 12-year plan to be ready for this. Their club has been playing together for most of that time, giving them more experience as a team than any others. They have some recent international success but aren’t expected to go very far. 

There’s Plenty to Bet On

You get to play with the lines to make whatever value bets you need to create. You don’t want to wait until the last minute to get that going. Luckily, there is no clear-cut favorite to win, so that should help to spread out the bets somewhat. Brazil has the best odds at +400 to win the World Cup. Several teams are close behind, including France (+600), Argentina (+650), England (+700), and Spain (+800).

But there are some clear favorites to win the groups:

  • Group A: Netherlands (-242)
  • Group B: England (-309)
  • Group C: Argentina (-248)
  • Group D: France (-255)
  • Group E: Spain (-119) – close behind is Germany (+108)
  • Group F: Belgium (-183)
  • Group G: Brazil (-265)
  • Group H: Portugal (-155)

Although Belgium is a favorite to win Group F, most experts think it’s down to two teams, Belgium and Croatia. Belgium is one of the most talented squads in the world. However, Croatia is still a solid team after its remarkable rise to runner-up in the 2018 World Cup. The other teams in the group, Morocco and Canada, think they can make it to the Round of 16. This could be the group to watch. Keep your limits in for these matches. 

USA is in Group B and thinks they have a chance against England and Wales. Iran isn’t considered a team to worry about since they are the worst in the group and are plagued by intense infighting. The first match bookies should be gearing up for is England vs USA on Friday, November 25th, at 2 pm ET. Team England is expected to win, but there are a few reasons to believe there might be an upset, so keep your limits in.

England’s manager Gareth Southgate hasn’t been able to find a good midfielder to get the ball to strikers like Harry Kane, Phil Foden, and Jack Grealish. Top USA players, McKennie and Christian Pulisic, could be enough to upset England, especially since they’ll have the advantage of being more acclimatized to the heat. Group B promises to be a bit hit for your North American bettors, so keep them updated on all the matches and the odds. You don’t want them to miss any opportunities, especially during those early-morning games (or late-night games, depending on how you look at them).

FIFA World Cup 2022 PreviewThe European Powerhouse

Probably the biggest news of the tournament so far is that superstar N’Golo Kante of France is injured and reportedly won’t be playing. The midfielder who helped the squad win in 2018 against Croatia injured his hamstring in training. They still have the most talented player pool in international soccer, but they will learn just how vital Kante is to their team’s fortunes. 

Watch the news on France as we get closer to opening day. Paul Pogba is also injured and may not play. A likely replacement is Real Madrid’s Aurelien Tchouameni, one of the world’s most celebrated central midfielders. 

More World Cup Betting

Other types of World Cup bets to put your limits in are:

  • Odds for each team to qualify from their group
  • Odds for each team to win their group
  • Odds to get the top goal scorer award (golden boot)

Then there is my favorite. The odds of how many goals Harry Kane will score:

  • Two goals or less (+174)
  • Three to four goals (+137)
  • Five to six goals (+330)
  • Seven or more goals (+800)

According to sportsbooks, Kane has the best chance to win the golden boot (+710), followed closely behind by K. Mbappe (+860). And Lionel Messi, as captain of the Argentina national team, will also draw much of the betting attention, especially since it will be his last appearance. Cristiano Ronaldo, at 37, hasn’t talked about retiring. He is no longer one of the world’s best but is heading the young Portuguese team. 

Be Ready for the International Stage

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