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Master Agent Tools & Features to Build Profit

Premium Tools & Features That Every Master Agent Needs To Boost Profit

There’s a difference between online bookie agents and online bookie master agents. Master agents most often employ sub-agents to help them garner profit, but the right master agents tools will help them keep reel in those profits.

(If you’re looking to become a master agent, check out this article instead!)

Most master agents didn’t begin their online sportsbook businesses with the idea of becoming master agents. Most were just regular old online bookies.

Why a bookie becomes a master agent often happens because the bookie agent must become a master agent. That happens when a sportsbook business has grown too large for the agent to handle all by herself.

When an online bookie agent becomes a master agent, the responsibilities change. Check out’s master agents tools and features that must be utilized to boost profit.

Master Agent Tools & Features

We’ll check out tools first before getting into reports.

Bet Alert – The bet alert tool is fairly new. Master agents can set up parameters whereby they are pinged if a specific bet, based on the parameters, takes place.

For example, if a master agent wants to know if a pro player has wagered on a specific game, the master agent is pinged once the pro player wagers on that game.

Line mover – The line mover is only available through’s Prime Plan. Line movers are essential for master agents to change lines.

Often, master agents well change lines based on a ping from the bet alert tool.

Mass editing tool – The mass editing tool allows pay per head master agents to make changes to every player no matter the sub-agent.

This is can be an important master agent tool because it adds uniformity to specific wager types, or even specific games.

By wielding the mass editing tool, master agents can release their sub-agents from having to create max betting limits for each of their individual clients.

Now, about those reports…

Master agents can change the PayPerHead dashboard to show 15+ different reports.

Reports are the most important tool to a master agent’s arsenal. The reason is that once an online bookie agent becomes a master agent, they must forecast.

Forecasting is how organizations determine their likely revenue and profit. When it comes to the sportsbook industry, master agents forecast to determine how much action they will receive on a specific sporting event like:

  • the Super Bowl,
  • an entire sports season like the MLB Season
  • or a one-off event outside of the sportsbook like the Kentucky Derby.

A master agent’s forecast won’t be exactly correct. If the master agent uses the available reports it should be close to being correct, though.

There are all sorts of decisions a master agent can make based on forecasting.

Deciding to hire (or let go) of sub-agents is one decision a master agent can make through information gleaned by forecasting.

Master agents can also set up bet alerts based on forecasting info, use the mass editing tool, or take specific sports events off the board for all clients no matter the sub-agent.

If you’re a master agent that doesn’t forecast, start practicing. PayPerHead provides all the reports you need to properly forecast.

Master agents need the right sportsbook software provider. If you’re a master agent who doesn’t have the master agent tools & features listed above, you’re with the wrong provider!

Sign up with the software that’s been helping bookies build a business and solid network for over 20 years.

Plus, you can find out now how you can get up to 35% credit cash back when you sign up for PayPerHead’s Prime Package.

Start building your master agent empire today.

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