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2020 Tokyo Olympics Betting Preview

2020 Tokyo Olympics Betting Preview

On July 23, 2021, the Olympics are finally happening. We provide a 2020 Tokyo Olympics Betting Preview for pay per head bookies.

While the world is finally reopening and lives are returning to normal,  COVID-19 lingers above the Tokyo Summer Olympics. Already postponed a year, the XXXII Olympiad at first said they wouldn’t allow international spectators.

On July 8, Japan announced they wouldn’t allow any spectators. Zero, none, not even from Japan. But even though Japan won’t allow fans to attend events, the Asian nation won’t cancel the 2020 Games.  

For that, bookmakers should be happy. The Olympics isn’t a high betting action generating event. But like other every four year events, the Games have their sports betting fans.  

PPH sportsbook agents like you should inform players about matches, events, and props at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The National Football League kicks off their season on September 9. The Olympics will provide a nice bridge between baseball and football. 

The Nation with the Most Medals Props

Because Tokyo is thirteen hours ahead of the East Coast, it can be difficult for bettors to understand what event is live, what events are on television or on replay, or even which event is for gold.

Players like to bet on props like which nation wins the most medals, and which nation pockets the most gold hardware. Currently, the United States is the medal favorite. 

Expect players to call bookie agents looking to back the U.S. to win the most gold medals and most awards overall. Some players will want to back a longshot to upset the Americans to win the most medals or even the most gold.

Pro Sports Betting in the Olympics

The most familiar option for bettors is wagering on the Olympic version of major sports. In the Summer Olympics, it’s soccer, basketball, and tennis.

A chunk of action could fall on Team USA in men’s basketball to win it all. Some pros decided not to participate, but with superstars like Kevin Durant and Damian Lillard heading to Tokyo, the Americans have more than enough stars to remain favorites. 

The women’s USA Basketball squad are bigger favorites than the men. Per most basketball analysts, only Australia will come close to challenging the women. 

Use your layoff account to cut risk. Don’t be afraid to take the USA basketball future bets off the board if action gets too hot. 

Soccer should produce more parity. Brazil is the current favorite in Tokyo while Spain and France are the other top contenders. 

European contenders will arrive having played in the EURO 2020 Tournament about a month before. Odds should fall on the EURO 2020 winner, either the English or the Italians.  

Men’s and women’s tennis betting could be challenging to follow as most pros are mulling skipping the Olympics. Pay per head service bookies should keep track of the latest news.

A last-second withdrawal from a major player could shift bettor sentiment, leading to players hammering one, or even two, underdogs. 

Track, Gymnastics, and More

Olympic track and field and gymnastics offer events that have proven popular at the betting windows.  

At the Olympic Trials in June, Trayvon Brommell ran a blistering 9.84 to beat Justin Gatlin. Brommell’s name should show up more than once when you check your betting action report.   

Team USA suspended their top women’s sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson due to a positive drug test for marijuana. Richardson’s absence can open the door for an underdog to take gold. 

Bettors who pay attention to U.S. gymnastics will hammer Simone Biles. Biles has won seven national titles, five world titles, and gold at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Her only possible competition figures to be Russian star Nikita Nagornyy and China’s Liu Tingting. 

New Olympic Events

The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games debuts six new events. No 2020 Tokyo Olympics Preview would be complete without discussing the four events that should attract the most attention from your players. 

Skateboarding: For the first time, skateboarding is an Olympic sport. The Olympics will have two categories, men and women, and two events each, park and street. 

3×3 Basketball: 3-on-3 is an event you should promote to your players. Unlike the Olympic Men’s Basketball Tournament, the USA won’t dominate in 3 versus 3 hoops. More possible winners in an Olympic event often leads to more action. 

Baseball: Olympic betting on baseball returns for the first time since the 2008 Summer Games. The Olympic Committee is allowing Major League Baseball to send a 40-player roster. But unlike Olympic Basketball, nations like Japan, the Dominican Republic, and South Korea have closed the gap.

Mixed Relays: The Olympics will showcase mixed relay events in swimming and track and field. The swimming mixed relay event showcases teams of two men and two women racing against each other in one of the four main swimming strokes: backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, and freestyle.

Teams of four men and four women athletes will also compete in the track and field mixed relay. Each athlete on each team will run 100 meters for a total of 400 meters.

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