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Use the Agent Payment Solution to Settle Up

Use the Agent Payment Solution to Settle Up

Any business owner, including a pay per head agent, must know how they’re going to pay and get paid. But in today’s world, it’s not enough to understand how to collect and pay. You must also know how your players will fund their accounts online and how to settle up without having to meet in person.

Cloud technology has allowed entrepreneurs to run varying online businesses. Many have created successful eCommerce companies they run through organizations like Amazon and Shopify. Technological advancements are such that even one of the most unheralded professions in the world has upgraded. 

Bookmakers, or bookies, used to run their companies via pen and paper. If not pen and paper, they ran their companies on excel spreadsheets.

Once sportsbook operators became online bookies, things changed. Bookmakers became per head agents. For a price per head charge, books could use the software.

Bookies could offer free betting software. They could run their sportsbooks on software that provided sports betting options, casinos, and even racebook options. 

But some things didn’t change. Most sportsbook software requires bookmakers and players to meet in person or use cashier’s checks or money orders to settle up.

We’ve created a system that takes away settling up barriers. Read more about how one piece of our PPH sportsbook software can make your life much easier as well as increase your bottom line. 

What is the Agent Payment Solution?

Let’s say you’re an entrepreneur, one who looks for new opportunities. You hear about this thing called sportsbook agenting or being a bookie.

Your first question? What is a bookie? Your second question? How much do bookies make?

Then we come to your third question. The third question is the most important. How do bookies get paid?

Players continue to call bookie agents, wondering how they can get money into their wagering accounts. They also want to make payments to agents but aren’t sure if it’s safe to meet in person. 

Money orders and cashier’s checks aren’t the best. Both require meeting someone somewhere to make transactions. 

If a bookmaker can’t collect from a player, the sportsbook operator doesn’t make money. Players who don’t get paid don’t gamble. Delays occur, which means bookies who spend more time figuring out how to pay or get paid end up losing cash.

We’ve designed a system, the Agent Payment Solution, that allows bookies to pay and get paid online. On the APS, you can use various banking methods to further collections and payments.

Some of these banking methods include bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like ETH and LTC, eCheck, MoneyGram, and even debit or credit cards. By keeping cash flowing, you ensure your sportsbook remains healthy.  

How you profit from the Agent Payment Solution

The APS is a great tool to pay your clients and for your clients to pay you. With the Agent Payment Solution, you must never again meet a customer in person.

But although that’s a great reason to use the Agent Payment Solution, a more critical reason to many is how the APS increases action. Action is your product. 

If players don’t make bets, you don’t earn revenue. Without revenue, there’s no profit. Here is a scenario of how you can make more money from the Agent Payment Solution. 

Let’s say one of your players is a Duke basketball fan. The player is excited about Duke’s second-round game in the NCAA Tournament.

Duke’s Round of 32 game happens on Saturday night. The player’s brother tells the player that Michigan State should cover the -6 against Wofford in an early afternoon game.

The player thinks, okay, I can bet on Michigan State against Wofford, profit from that game, and then place it onto Duke in the night game. No problem if Michigan State covers.

But let’s say Michigan State loses. What happens then? If the player had enough money in their account to play both Michigan State and Duke, they don’t have an issue.

If the player’s idea, though, was to bet on Michigan State and then use those profits to bet on Duke, they can’t play the Duke game. Through the APS, the player can fund their account via credit cards, a cryptocurrency, or even eCheck.

They can ensure they have enough money to play the Duke game if they lose the Michigan State bet. Your player is happy because he doesn’t miss out on betting on his favorite team.

You’re happy because you don’t miss out on betting action. The Agent Payment Solution increases betting activity because players must never worry about how they will fund their accounts.  

Sign-up with PayPerHead and use the APS for free

We’re always running a promotion. Even when we aren’t, the Agent Payment Solution is free. But the APS isn’t our lone sportsbook software that helps agents make money.

We’ve found that oddsmaking agents who adopt prime platforms, Premium Live Dealer, Premium Casino, Live+, and Premium Props, increase action by 15% or more. Some agents have increased wagering activity by up to 30%

If you imported your players, ask about the APS and prime platforms. Import your players soon if you haven’t yet. Again, we’re always running multiple promos. Also, you can make extra cash via the referral program.

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