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march madness 2019 betting explodes

3 PPH Premium Tools You’re Going to Need During NCAA March Madness

Soon, most PayPerHead online bookie agents will be in the grips of NCAA March Madness. The annual NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament has become one of the most important sporting events for pay per head agents during the year.

Agents must make sure that they gain as much as they can from March Madness. To do so requires strong sportsbook management.

3 PayPerHead Tools to Use for NCAA March Madness Success

Check out the 3 essential tools that every agent needs to succeed during the craziness in college hoops that comes with March.

Be sure that you have access to all the premium tools with the Prime Package. Agents can start a 3-week trial now at just $3 per head.

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1. Mass editing tool to create max betting limits

Max betting limits on all moneylines is absolutely necessary for all NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament games.

The reason?

Underdogs, sometimes, massive underdogs, can win on the moneyline. The NCAA Tournament is when pro bettors use their knowledge to make huge scores with moneyline bets.

They’re able to do this because casual players are out of their depth.

They only know the college hoops teams that they’ve followed throughout the season: Kansas, Duke, Kentucky, North Carolina, those are the teams on which casual players will wager.

If they don’t know the team, they won’t wager on them.

Pro bettors are different. They’ll take advantage of bad moneylines for the simple fact that like with all sports betting lines, college hoops moneylines are created to garner action from the public, not from the pros.

2. Line mover to change NCAA March Madness betting lines

Pro players are also adept at pounding against the spread lines that cater towards the public. Some pro players wait until NCAA March Madness to make most of their wagers.

They take advantage of overplayed teams, like 1-seed Virginia last season who lost straight up to 16-seed University of Maryland Baltimore County.

Consider changing betting lines if you have any inkling that one of your pro players might jump on a bad line. You can also gain action on teams you don’t feel will cover the spread by making their lines more attractive.

Use your best judgement and always change lines to garner action from casual players unless you provide wagering services mainly to pro players.

3. Sparingly use your layoff account

Don’t go overboard using your layoff account.

Try a couple of things first before using your layoff account. First, handicap the game yourself. See if something jumps out at you that allows you to shun the layoff account. You’ll make more profit.

If you don’t have handicapping skills, no worries. You can follow the money to determine if you must use your layoff account. Think of your top, most consistent winning, pro player.

See if he or she wagered on the game. If they did, see where they landed. Make sure to see how much they wagered on the game.

Those types of clues will let any pay per head agent come to the conclusion of using or not using their layoff account.

Don’t have access to these tools? You’re missing out! Sign up for PayPerHead’s Prime Package now and experience premium.

Learn how to use these tools properly with your personal Account Success Manager before March Madness starts so you’re ready to rake in profits.

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