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nfl week 4 betting predictions

NFL Week 4 Betting Predictions To Increase Sportsbook Action

We’re starting something different this week, in NFL Week 4. While we often only talk about games where you should or shouldn’t use your layoff accounts, we’re going to handicap every single NFL game from Sunday morning to Monday night in Week 4.

Online bookies should read our analysis before deciding if they will use their layoff accounts or not.

Sound good? Let’s get to it!

NFL Week 4 – Our Betting Predictions

Houston Texans at Indianapolis Colts -1.5

The public pounded the Colts down to -1.5 from -3. Now, the action has reversed to go back onto Indy. We don’t think you should mess with what’s going on here.

ATS Winner: Colts

Detroit Lions at Dallas Cowboys -3

Dallas’ defense is good enough to stop Detroit’s offense. Although this one’s up in the air, and we’re not sure you should use your layoff account, we do feel the Boys cover the spread.

ATS Winner: Cowboys

NFL Week 4: Buffalo Bills at Green Bay Packers -10

Just because Buffalo snuck up on Minnesota, it doesn’t mean they’ll sneak up on the Green Bay Packers. Green Bay should win and cover. Definitely set max betting limits on the Bills, though, just in case we’re wrong.

ATS Winner: Packers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Chicago Bears -3

Tampa has no rushing attack while the Bears’ pass rush is one of the best in the NFL. The Bears cover. Handicap this game on your own, but we’re sort of confident about this one.

ATS Winner: Bears

NFL Week 4: New York Jets at Jacksonville Jaguars -7.5

Jaguars should bounce back after the horrible loss to Tennessee in Week 4 when they only scored 6 points.

ATS Winner: Jaguars

Miami Dolphins at New England Patriots -7

We’re not sold on New England bouncing back. Sure, the chances of the Patriots losing 3 in a row are minimal at best but giving 7 points to an undefeated team doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Use your layoff account if Miami’s over bet. Maybe, let the money ride if New England’s over bet.

ATS Winner: Miami

Cincinnati Bengals at Atlanta Falcons -5

Bengals lost in Week 4 because Andy Dalton threw 4 interceptions. He won’t do that again. The Falcons must get past losing in overtime to the rival Saints last week. We don’t think they do.

ATS Winner: Bengals

NFL Week 4: Philadelphia Eagles -4 at Tennessee Titans

There’s a great chance sports bettors overplay the Eagles in your sportsbook. If so, you might want to not use your layoff account because the Titans’ defense is for real.

ATS Winner: Titans

Seattle Seahawks -3 at Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals might be the worst team this season while Seattle finally got a win. Here’s one game where we think you should definitely use your layoff account.

ATS Winner: Seahawks

Cleveland Browns at Oakland Raiders -3

Oakland’s 0-3, has a bad defense, and faces a team in the Cleveland Browns with a good quarterback and a good defense. Set max betting limits on the Browns to win this one straight up.

ATS Winner: Browns

NFL Week 4: New Orleans Saints -3.5 at New York Giants

Tough game because the Saints’ secondary is awful. However, the Saints have Drew Brees playing quarterback for them while the Giants don’t.

ATS Winner: Saints

San Francisco 49’ers at L.A. Chargers -10.5

Yes, the 49’ers are without quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. But, laying 10.5 points is a lot because the Bolts’ defense hasn’t looked good. 49’ers cover.

ATS Winner: 49’ers

Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers -3

You must set max betting limits on the Ravens money line. Pittsburgh still can’t rush the football while Baltimore has played well this season.

ATS Winner: Ravens

Kansas City Chiefs -5 at Denver Broncos

The Chiefs could be in tough versus a Broncos squad that will pressure quarterback Patrick Mahomes. This is a tough matchup. So, use your layoff account if you must.

ATS Winner: Broncos

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