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NFL week 10 Betting Preview

NFL Week 10 Betting Preview For Sportsbooks

Like every week in the NFL, certain matchups should lead to the most action in your online sportsbooks, and that;s the same with NFL Week 10. PayPerHead provides the best per head software tools so that bookies can manage action in their sportsbooks.

NFL Week 10 – Top Games

Check out the top Sunday games in NFL Week 10 along with how bookies should manage the action. Every tool mentioned is provided through

Arizona Cardinals +16.5 at Kansas City Chiefs -16.5

Most bettors favor the Chiefs. Teams that lay that many points don’t always cover the spread. Buffalo actually beat Minnesota straight up as a +17 ATS dog earlier this season.

If Chiefs are over bet, consider not using your layoff account. Also, make sure to set max betting limits on the Cardinals just in case lightning strikes twice.

NFL Week 10: Atlanta Falcons -4 at Cleveland Browns +4

The Atlanta Falcons hope to turn Week 9’s victory into a streak with a win and cover over Cleveland.

The Browns have no shot of stopping Falcons’ quarterback Matt Ryan from throwing it all over the field. Cleveland loves to blitz. Ryan’s a master at making the hot read.

Definitely use your layoff account if Atlanta’s over bet.

New Orleans Saints -5.5 at Cincinnati Bengals +5.5

Make it a rule to always use your layoff account on teams that go 7-0 SU and 7-0 ATS. The Saints are that team. New Orleans should demolish a Cincinnati squad that allows close to 450 passing yards per game.

Using your layoff account on the Saints if they’re overplayed makes a ton of sense.

New England Patriots -6.5 at Tennessee Titans +6.5

Bettors are all over the Patriots who have covered in 3 of their last 4 while putting a beating on inferior teams. Tennessee’s tough to beat at home, much less cover a close to 7-point spread against.

Set max betting limits on the Titans’ moneyline. Consider shedding your layoff account if you feel Tennessee has a chance to cover and the Patriots are over bet.

NFL Week 10: L.A. Chargers -10 at Oakland Raiders +10

Use your layoff account if the Chargers are overplayed. L.A. should destroy the Oakland Raiders, a team that’s pretty much given up on the season.

If the Raiders are somehow over played, don’t use your layoff account.

Seattle Seahawks +10 at L.A. Rams -10

Most bettors feel the Rams bounce back after their first loss of the season in Week 9. What those bettors fail to realize is that L.A.’s not a great covering team.

If Seattle’s over bet, use your layoff account. If the Rams are over bet, consider letting the money ride. Definitely set max betting limits on the Seahawks.

Those are your NFL Week 10 games that should get your more cash. Be sure to check back next week for NFL Week 11.

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