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Pay Per Head entrepreneurs growth

Increase of Entrepreneurs Are Joining The Pay Per Head Industry

As previously reported, recent market research has positioned the pay per head and the sports betting industry to eclipse $155 billion by 2024. However, Pay Per Head anticipates the industry to outperform predictions, citing an increase of entrepreneurs investing in the sports betting industry.

Throughout 2017 and 2018, began experiencing a rise of entrepreneurial clients visiting their site and watched as they started to create businesses of their own within the industry.

“2018 set the perfect climate for entrepreneurs to start their own per head account,” said’s product manager Nate Johnson. “As viewership of the NFL and other major sports continues to rise, our demographic widens and entrepreneurs see the opportunity.”

It’s clear that as viewership rises for the NFL and related sports, more entrepreneurs are becoming interested and involved in the per head industry. It’s also evident that industry value and profit will also see a sharp rise as investment rises, possibly going beyond the $155 billion projected in last month’s market research.

“While more states and countries begin to set the stage for sports betting legalization, an increased number of Pay Per Head business owners and entrepreneurs are feeling more comfortable with investing,” said Johnson.

In previous months, has reported on an increased customer demographic, and college students participating in sports betting. Both increases have been attributed to the widespread anticipation for breaking industry records throughout 2018. previously reported a rise in college students becoming bookies on October 12th, 2018.


  • 67% of college students bet on sports
  • 30% of male athlete college students bet on sports
  • 75% of college students gambled during the past year
  • 41% of college students play the lottery
  • 38% of college students play card games”

The sports betting industry is also experiencing an increase in technological innovation. It was reported that professional sports enthusiasts are “improving wagering algorithms” to offer better in-play wagering.

Johnson concluded by stating, “Technology innovation within the industry can add a potential value that researches and industry experts haven’t anticipated. PayPerHead anticipates the industry to break the $155 billion projection before 2024.”

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