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What Is Pay Per Head? What You Need to Know

Our website, PayPerHead, offers you the ultimate Pay Per Head business opportunity, but what exactly is that and what does it really mean? Well, Pay Per Head (or PPH), is the process of running your own sportsbook business by taking wagers on individual sports and games.

The reason it is called ‘Pay Per Head’ services is because you are effectively being paid for every person that you attract into your betting pool.

In this article, we will look at how this works and what you need to do and consider before becoming a Pay Per Head bookie, so that you will be ready to start your very own online betting site today.

So, if you are thinking about learning more about this potentially very lucrative business opportunity, then read on – and find out how to get your foot in the online bookie door.

All About Pay Per Head

Basically, the crux of the matter is that Pay Per Head is simply the process of running your own sports betting business by accepting wagers on individual games. It is dubbed Pay Per Head because that’s exactly what it is – as a bookie you are being paid for each punter that you manage to attract into your betting pool.

Lots of people and potential investors want to find a way into the online sports betting industry but they find that they have neither the time nor the resources to achieve this. For example, a small family run bar might want to offer its customers a little bit of sports betting whilst they are there – as an added service.

They could either attempt to start up an online sportsbook – and try to manage it themselves. Or else they could visit us here at PayPerHead and utilise our services… saving them both time and money.

For those new to the prospect, the idea of running an online sportsbook could feel too overwhelming, if they have never attempted anything like it before. However, by using our PayPerHead service, it isn’t actually as scary or difficult as you might think.

Our PayPerHead service allows anyone who doesn’t want to deal with all the hassle that comes with running an online sports betting site themselves, by offering them access only to the information they require and paying someone else to handle the rest of it for them.

How Pay Per Head Works

So, a bettor is looking for a place to wager online – and they find you, offering a Pay Per Head service. They might find you through a message board post, an ad, or even word of mouth from other satisfied customers that have used you before. The bettor will then pay you, the bookie, to access your betting pool.

Every time that action is taken on one of the bets within that pool, then you will be paid by the bookie. This process usually takes place every week, automatically, so you just need to sit back, relax, and count the profits. Because the bookie takes bets on individual games, they can offer more options than simply a whole season package.

So, this means that rather than being stuck with just one team for the bet, PayPerHead allows you to pick who will win each game, so there isn’t a risk in finding out what teams play against each other.

As a PayPerHead agent, you will also be working closely with your clients to provide them with exactly what they want in terms of wagers and betting lines. Ultimately, your goal isn’t simply about making money, it’s also about offering customers access to all the tools they need to make them feel like they are integral to the action, without ever having to leave their living rooms.

How To Become a Pay Per Head Agent

You need to be aware that running an online sportsbook will require a lot of work, dedication and preparation. Here are the steps you need to follow if you are thinking about becoming a PPH bookmaker:

  1. Register your new business (this is very quick and easy!)
  2. Look for business insurance
  3. Check out our top Pay Per Head software and look for what best suits your needs.
  4. Start advertising and finding sports betting customers.

You will need to exercise patience as it’s probable that you won’t immediately start making money from the business as soon as you open it. You may need to take time to build it up before you start seeing profits come in.

You will encounter some startup costs when you initially set up your business, so you will need to make sure that you have enough capital available before you even attempt to start your online bookie business.

Bear in mind that there are many ways that people have turned their initial investments into tidy profits. So, don’t feel disheartened if you don’t achieve the success you want at first. Here at PayPerHead, we want you to have the most seamless way to get started in this business.

It doesn’t matter how good or bad it gets as you continue running your online bookie business, having us as your PayPerHead agent, always on your side, is definitely worth the investment.

As your agent, we will make sure that we take care of everything for you, and we will always endeavour, in every way, to make sure that you are always happy with our software and services.

Choose a Niche

There will be all sorts of different betting pools available in the gambling sphere, so you will need to be careful to choose the one(s) that will be the most profitable to you and your customers.

Your chosen niche will help to define what bets and events you will offer – and how popular you and your betting pools will be. There are numerous types of bets available – and if you don’t decide on one specific type of bet, then you will be a jack of all trades bookie. 

This isn’t actually a bad thing – it can be good. However, remember, in the world of sports betting, most people are inclined to bet on just a limited number of sports. So, you need to decide which customers you are looking to attract, which ones you think you can attract and then cater your own bookie business to that audience.

Decide Your Fees

Your fees will vary, all depending on where you are looking to get your business from. However, Pay Per Head fees set by agents can range anywhere from 5% all the way up to a massive 50% of every bet placed. When deciding your fees, you should remember that this isn’t simply a way to make money by doing nothing. That should not be your goal or motivation.

This is more a way to make money ‘while you sleep’ – or whilst you are off doing something more interesting. You are still very able to make decent profits even if you charge lower fees. The more you attract customers, the more customers you get – and the more likely it is that one will place a big bet at some point!

Creating Your Online Sports Betting Website

Creating your new online betting website doesn’t just mean offering a user-friendly, sleek system to place bets. This also requires you to offer up some decent incentives to attract new members – and this may mean incentives in the form of bookie bonuses and offers!

Creating a website is a great opportunity to manage your own business, allow your customers to manage themselves – and you can use it to analyze your traffic and see how your business is progressing.

Customer Support

If something happens to go wrong (and, let’s face it, these things often happen), it may mean that you need to call around until you find another bookmaker that can assist you in ways that yours might not be able to.

If you don’t have decent customer service, then your business will simply not last long at all. With any business, customer service is the heart and soul of it – and this is no different. If you show respect to your customers, they will return it.

Promoting Your Betting Website

This part of the equation can be the make or break of your business. Without a bookie website, you will be left to your own devices. It simply isn’t the done thing not to have an online presence in this day and age. It costs virtually nothing to have a website – but it can cost your business if you don’t have one!

You will be able to enjoy several options available to help drive traffic to your site, including free programs like Bing Ads or other paid advertising platforms such as Google Adwords.

Offer Regular Hassle Free Payouts!

One of the most important steps is ensuring that your punters can get to their money and payouts at all times, whenever they want.

If you aren’t able to offer payouts to your customers who are entitled to them when they are needed and required, then there will be no way you will be able to earn their trust.

The Legality of Pay Per Head and Sports Betting Businesses

The legal position of online sports betting and pay per head has been a very sticky point for more than two decades in the United States. 

As it stands, there are no federal laws that stop you from running your own sports betting business, and there is also no legislation being proposed right now – although the future of this is an unknown quantity – and one we may all need to adapt to.

Although sports betting is still illegal in a number of states, that doesn’t stop you from choosing to run an offshore operation that can look after and attract customers from those specific states – as they have plenty of potential bettors with no ways to bet!

Other than a few minor restrictions, which can vary depending on where you choose to open up your business, it’s not at all difficult to start out as a Pay Per Head agent. Actually, many consider them to be even more trustworthy because their whole betting system is tun offshore. So, there will be no reason to steal anyone’s information or money!

Generally, pay per head agents are seen to be some of the very best in the online betting business and we would certainly agree. They can offer great customer services, help you to avoid scams, offer some of the lowest rates available on the online betting market – and give you the chance to turn your investment into long term profits… So why not try us out and create your own online sportsbook?

The Pay Per Head Industry- Start Your Business Today!

So, now that you understand the ins and outs of Pay Per Head, you are on the way to starting your own business – and you can use our PPH service to help  you start your business.

If so, then you can start a private bookie business and be able to make plenty of money from it – which is the biggest attraction. However, you need to remember that this isn’t all about getting free money. You will need to put in time and money in order to achieve your bookmaking business goals.

So, if you are interested in learning more about how this can work for you, then contact us and start your journey on the road to becoming a successful PayPerHead agent today. Find out more about creating your own Pay Per Head site here!

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