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mlb betting projections 2020

Updated MLB Betting Projections for 2020

Sportsbook operators hope to offer baseball betting options soon, so let’s look at our MLB projections for 2020

Is it finally time for optimism regarding Major League Baseball? If the other professional leagues are any indication, this year, baseball should happen, so lets have a look at our MLB betting projections for 2020.

MLB and the MLB Player’s Association (MLBPA) are in week four of talks to finally kick off their 2020 season. On March 12, COVID-19 stopped pro baseball before it got a chance to start.

But since May 12, the league has been hard at work planning a return.

Bookies should be working just as hard on their sportsbook betting options. All per head agents want to be ready when MLB announces they’re ready to start the 2020 regular season.

What We Know About the 2020 MLB Season

MLB recently rejected an MLBPA plan that featured a 114-game regular season. Players initially offered an 82-game season.

Under that plan, the league’s most prominent names would take the most significant pay cut.

It’s been a back-and-forth of “resoundingly rejected” deals. However, there’s been some progress

  • COVID-19 health and safety protocols for teams and players are in place
  • Teams will have expanded rosters.
  • The National League will include designated hitters.
  • Regional, in-division schedules should lead to less travel.
  • MLB and players have agreed to a 14-team, expanded playoffs.

What does this mean for PayPerHead bookies?

The designated hitter in both leagues, less travel, and a July Opening Day – when it’s humid, and balls sail higher – and so should help lead to more overs than unders, so take this into account in your projections for MLB betting in 2020.

That could change once we get into September and October.

Odds to win the 2020 World Series

Deep National League teams, like the Los Angeles Dodgers and Washington Nationals, can use a designated hitter in both the regular season and playoffs.

The odds show a projection of the Dodgers as favorites to win the MLB 2020 World Series in the betting. LAD must no longer sit a talented bat to make room for a hitting pitcher.

The Dodgers can comfortably start its best bats, which should make its National League-leading offense even better.

As for the Nats, the reigning World Series champs captured its first title with solid part-time play from Howie Kendrick. One of Washington’s top sluggers, Kendrick batted .344 last season.

Kendrick mustn’t take to the bench in any 2020 game. That gives the Nats a powerful line-up at the plate to back up starting pitchers Steven Strasburg, Max Scherzer, Patrick Corbin, and Anibal Sanchez.

MLB team projections

MLB wants teams to play regional schedules. For example, AL East teams will play other AL East teams and NL East squads.

How will regional schedules affect teams?

Last season, combined, MLB squads in the NL East and AL East were 16-games above .500. Teams in the NL West and AL West were 42 games above .500 combined.

However, teams in the NL Central and AL Central were a combined 58 games below .500. Also, central teams in both leagues scored a combined 299 fewer runs.

Expect NL Central and AL Central favorites, like the Minnesota Twins, Cleveland Indians, and Chicago Cubs, to rack up victory after victory. Central Division teams could also benefit from the expansion to a 14-game playoff.

Whether a 2020 MLB Season happens or not, bookies should note these betting projections when they sign-up with PayPerHead.

Sharp bettors are waiting to see what happens. Per head agents shouldn’t wait.

Bookies must set up their sportsbooks for MLB’s return. The best way to do that is to sign-up with a sports betting technology company that offers the best pay per head tools.

A company like fits the bill. Right now, there’s a more important reason to give PayPerHead a try.

Bookie agents know that the NHL and NBA will soon return. Until either league plays a game, at no cost bookies can get to know PayPerHead’s betting and agent interfaces.

Then, per head agents can use PayPerHead’s bookie tech for two weeks after the first NHL or NBA game.

If MLB doesn’t have a 2020 season, no worries, at least bookies will know if Pay Per Head is the right organization for them heading into the upcoming NFL and college football seasons.

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