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Live Dealer Craps Betting pay per head

Per Head Bookies Benefit From Craps Betting

Bookies can boost profits with online Craps wagering, even if your players aren’t betting on sports right now. 

PayPerHead bookie agents can easily access streams of revenue to help them weather the disruption by turning their sports players into casino gamers. One of those streams is the digital casino betting with Craps and live dealer.

This week, we’ll discuss one of the oldest, most exciting, and most fun to play games in your casino. Craps has a storied history that makes it one of the most popular games in the United States. With stay-at-home orders in most of the 50 states, craps is the perfect game to promote.

History of Craps

Some claim that Roman soldiers invented the game by using knuckle bones of a pig as dice. Others believe craps is a derivative of an Arabic game call Al Dar. No matter where it originated, most agree the father of craps is an American dice maker named John H. Winn.

Winn added the don’t pass betting option to the craps table. That changed the way that players viewed craps. Instead of betting on the pass line, players could now wager on the don’t pass line. With a couple of different betting options on the come-out roll, players paid more attention to the game. That led to more revenue and helped increase craps’ popularity.

1931 saw craps’ fame explode. Vegas casinos realized what they had, a perfect casino game. Multiple betting options? Check. Player participation? Check. Can players win money? Check. Long-term gameplay? A huge “check”.

How to play Craps

We won’t get into the specifics. But you want to know the basics of how to play craps so that you can teach your players. Two things encourage wagering no matter if its horses, sports, or the digital casino. First, wagering must entertain. Most players bet to be entertained, not to win money. Winning is secondary to that good old gambling feeling, the excitement that speeds up their heart rates.

Second, players must know what they’re doing. Fear leads to lost wagering revenue. Strike down your players’ fear. Teach them about craps.

The most important thing for your players to understand is what happens on the initial roll. There are 3 possible outcomes on the initial craps roll.

Natural – 7 or 11

Craps – 2 (snake eyes), 3, or 12

Point – 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10

Those are the lone 3 things that can happen on an initial craps roll. Now, check out the wagers that players can make before the initial roll. Refer to the following craps table, from Wikipedia, while reading about the wagers.

Pass Line and Don’t Pass Wagers

A Pass Line bet means the shooter will either get a Natural on the initial roll or will roll an established point before rolling a 7.

The Don’t Pass bet means the shooter will either crap out on the initial roll or will roll a 7 before shooting the established point. If the shooter rolls a 12, it’s a push.

Come and Don’t Come Craps Betting

Come wagers win if the initial roll is a Natural. They lose if the initial roll is Craps. If the first roll establishes a point, the come bet becomes a Come-Bet point.

The Don’t Come Bar acts like the Don’t Pass Bar. A 12 pushes. The player wins with a 2 or 3. The player loses with a 7 or 11. If the shooter establishes a point, the player wins if the shooter throws a 7 before the point.

One Roll Wagers

There are multiple proposition wagers in craps. Some or famous like the hard eight and hard six. Single roll bets are easy to understand. The odds are listed under images. Once thing to make sure your players know is that these are one roll bets.

That’s why the odds are so fantastic on getting snake eyes. If the shooter doesn’t get the one roll wager on the next wager, players lose.

Field wagers are also one roll bets. Make sure you players know this. 

House edges in Craps

Bookie agents should promote craps betting because the house has an edge. Check out the house edge for the Pass Line and Don’t Pass Bar.

Pass Line – 1.41%

Don’t Pass Bar – 1.36%

The house edge on the Don’t Pass Bar is lower because shooters roll 7, don’t pass, more than they roll 4,5, 6, 8, 9, or 10. 

The house edge on single roll bets ranges from 5.56% up to 16.67%. Single roll bets are where it’s at. So, if you can get your players excited about odds on one roll bets, they’ll make more craps wagers with the highest house edges.

Promote Craps betting in your digital casino

With no immediate end in sight, the coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the sports world and online bookies everywhere are turning to digital casino gaming to save their books.

Sports will return, but in the meantime, PayPerHead agents can make up for lost revenue and increase future revenue by introducing their sports bettors to blackjack wagering. One of the most exciting games they can play, and one of the profitable for you, is craps.

Promote craps betting in your digital casino. Any questions? Chat with us or call 800-605-4767. Right now, we’re offering our No Sports = No Fees promotion. Contact us for details!

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