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NFL Thanksgiving Thursday Odds

NFL Thanksgiving Thursday Odds: How Sportsbooks Can Bank Serious Cash

Thanksgiving and NFL Football are synonymous. You can’t have one without the other.

Both the Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys battle on Thanksgiving, like they do every year, but so does the top team in the NFL, the New Orleans Saints.

Online bookies should keep reading to discover how best to use their pay per head free bookie software to score serious cash on all 3 NFL Thanksgiving Day games.

NFL Thanksgiving Thursday

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On to the Thanksgiving matchups that are about to make you serious NFL cash:

Chicago Bears -3 at Detroit Lions +3

The Bears remain road favorites over the Detroit Lions even though Detroit proved in Week 11 that it can beat a quality team at home. The Lions took down the Carolina Panthers 20-19 as a +4 home dog.

Detroit often owns NFL Thanksgiving.

If bookies want to make serious cash, they should allow liabilities on the Bears at -3 to stand. They should put away the layoff account if Chicago’s overplayed.

Also, agents must make sure max betting limits are set on the Lions to win straight up.

NFL Thanksgiving: Washington Redskins +7 at Dallas Cowboys -7

Washington lost starting quarterback Alex Smith, but that doesn’t justify the +7 spread. They’re one of the top teams in the NFL against the spread, going 7-3 overall and 3-1 against the spread on the road.

The Redskins always play the Cowboys tough as well. Washington could start an offensive lineman at quarterback and they’d play Dallas tough.

Any liabilities created on the Cowboys should stand. Don’t use your layoff account unless it gets too out of control. That’s the best way to score huge bucks on this game. Make sure max betting limits are set on the Washington moneyline.

Atlanta Falcons +13 at New Orleans Saints -13

Saints versus Falcons is a rivalry game, but online bookies won’t make a profit by allowing liabilities on the Saints. New Orleans has gone 9-0 straight up and against the spread since opening the regular season with a loss.

New Orleans leads the NFL in points per game with 37.8. The Saints average 427.1 yards.

What’s scary is that on defense, the Saints have actually improved.

The Bengals scored only 14 points against New Orleans in Week 11 while the Eagles scored only 7 in Week 12. Any liabilities created by New Orleans, pay per head agents should temper with their layoff accounts.

If you’re one of those bookies who gets lucky and the Falcons create the liability, absolutely let it stand.

New Orleans should easily cover the -13.

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