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PayPerHead: The BetAlert Tool

What Online Bookies Need To Know About The BetAlert Tool

Online bookie agents that partner with now have access to a BetAlert Tool.

Before getting into how agents can use the BetAlert Tool there are some specifics associated with it that agents must know.

What is the BetAlert Tool?

The BetAlert Tool alerts agents to when a wager has been placed. Currently, the app for the BetAlert Tool is only available on Android devices.

An agent can get notified of any bets placed, including the casino or horse racing wagers.

The agent first sets up an existing rule. The system runs checks every five minutes. If a bet is one affected by the agent’s existing rule, the agent is notified.

The metadata that arrives to the agent is:

player ID, amount, and ticket number.

How Can Per Head Agents Get the BetAlert Tool?

Any agents that wish to download the Android BetAlert Tool app need only look for RMS. RMS stands for Risk Management System. The app is available in Google’s Play Store.

Once agents download the app, they must sign up with an account through PayPerHead’s WAR system. WAR stands for Website for Agent Reporting.

Any issues should be directed to a rep.

How Can Agents Use It?

Because PPH’s BetAlert Tool is in close to real-time, it can provide close to real-time actionable information to agents that utilize it. The key for agents will be to decide what rules to set up.

How do agents make that all-important decision?

All agents should consider rules based on likely action. It’s important that before utilizing the BetAlert Tool, agents have checked player activity reports.

Player ID is the key aspect of the notifications. The Player ID should determine how, or what, action the agent takes next.

The best way to do this is by looking for pro players or casual players that make large wagers. The key for Las Vegas sportsbooks is to stay ahead of the curve.

You do the same thing by creating max betting limits on the money line and future book bets.

When it comes to close to real-time large against the spread bets, it’s difficult to act without the BetAlert Tool.

For example, without the BetAlert Tool, how do you know someone didn’t place $5,000 on the Jacksonville Jaguars, just now, against the spread because QB Tom Brady hurt his hand?

Agents could delete the bet. Or, they could decide right away to layoff the bet via their layoff accounts.

They could also immediately use the Line Mover, available through PayPerHead’s Prime Package, to change the betting line that works best for their sportsbooks.

Just with a single piece of actionable information, pay per head agents can make various decisions specific to their businesses.

The BetAlert Tool is the natural progression in’s quest to continually help online bookie agents create long-lasting, profitable, sportsbook businesses.

Get PayPerHead’s Prime Package, and start building your sportsbook with the latest and most innovative tools.

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