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Players Bet on Super Bowl After Wildcard Winners

Players Bet on Super Bowl After Wildcard Winners

On January 9, fourteen NFL teams start their quest for the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Although most bookie agents have seen wagers fly to Super Bowl contenders, the real future book betting heats up after this year’s Wildcard Weekend. Ahead of the Super Bowl, check out information on this season’s wildcard games and what bookie software agents can expect depending on which team wins each contest. 

The NFL expanded the playoff field from the usual twelve teams to fourteen this season. Those fourteen teams are about to embark on a journey that will lead to greatness or end in disappointment.

Based on early Super Bowl betting activity, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a shot at upsetting the Seahawks, Saints, and Packers and winning the NFC Championship. More early Super Bowl bets have gone to the Buccaneers than on any other team.

The Kansas City Chiefs were bigger favorites in NFL Week 16 than they are now. The Baltimore Ravens’ odds have dropped significantly. So have the odds on the Green Bay Packers. The Saints and Buffalo Bills have also attracted money.

Even though many future players have already backed their team to win Super Bowl LV, the bulk of Lombardi Trophy bets shouldn’t hit gambling software businesses until after wildcard games. 

Most Super Bowl future bettors wait until their team of choice has made it to the NFL Divisional Playoffs. By doing so, they can ensure the team they back must win three in a row to take the title.

Bookie software agents, those that offer free betting software, must stay ahead of their players when it comes to Super Bowl wagers. Odds on teams to win the trophy can exceed +500. For every $200 winning bet, a bookmaker could end up paying $1,000 in profit. 

Check out information on how to handle wildcard winners. We don’t pick which team will win. Instead, we provide bookmaking advice on how pph sportsbook agents should handle future Super Bowl bets on each team after this weekends Wildcard games.    

Road to Super Bowl – Wildcard Weekend Games

Saturday, January 9

  • Indianapolis Colts at Buffalo Bills

If the Colts upset the Bills, bookies can rest easy. Indianapolis is a good team, but the Colts are the 7-seed.

A win on Saturday sends Indianapolis to Kansas City the following week to take on Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs. 

It’s unlikely the Colts beat the Chiefs. If the Colts do upset Buffalo, expect players to dump on Kansas City. The Bills are the third choice to win Super Bowl LV. With Buffalo out of the way, players will naturally go for the Chiefs.

If Buffalo beats the Colts, don’t expect odds to change much. The Bills are -6.5 favorites, meaning most expect Buffalo to move to the second round. 

  • Los Angeles Rams at Seattle Seahawks

Odds won’t change in this game unless the Seattle Seahawks dominate the Los Angeles Rams. Seattle is a reliable team. Most don’t expect the Seahawks to upset the Saints or Packers. 

But if Seattle blasts the Rams by 30 points or more, many players will jump on the Seahawks’ bandwagon. The Rams rank first in points allowed. If Seattle dominates on the scoreboard, it will garner player attention, leading to bets on the Seahawks.  

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Washington Football Team

Super Bowl odds on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have already depreciated ahead of Wildcard weekend. Most expect the Bucs to dominate the Washington Football Team. The WFT struggled to win the NFC East. 

Not only did D.C. struggle to win the division, but they won the division with a 7-9 record. Although most action has gone to the Buccaneers to beat Washington and go on to win the Super Bowl, Tom Brady could have trouble against Washington’s defensive line.

If the WFT somehow beats the Buccaneers, every bookie should watch for large bets on the New Orleans Saints or Green Bay Packers. New Orleans is the NFC’s 2-seed. Green Bay is the conference’s 1-seed. 

Sunday, January 10

  • Baltimore Ravens at Tennessee Titans

Baltimore quarterback Lamar Jackson said the Kansas City Chiefs are the Ravens’ “kryptonite.” Even though that may be true, Super Bowl LV future bettors have backed Baltimore down to a +800 choice.

So much respect has gone to the Ravens that they will enter their wildcard matchup against the Titans, an over -3 road favorite. Ravens – Titans could be this weekend’s most impactful bookie game.

Tennessee lost to the Kansas City Chiefs in last season’s AFC Championship. If the Titans beat the Ravens, and they beat them by stopping Jackson and Baltimore’s offense, players could look to Tennessee as a viable option to win the title.

If Baltimore dominates the Titans, controls top rusher Derrick Henry, and blows away Tennessee on the road, the Ravens become a solid choice to beat Kansas City. Many players will back the Ravens to win Super Bowl LV if they win the Wildcard game. 

Baltimore heads to the playoffs on fire. Lamar is playing his best football. Players would take the Ravens seriously if they were to beat the Titans by a large margin. 

  • Chicago Bears at New Orleans Saints

A Bears’ upset win won’t move the needle. A prominent Saints win could. Chicago versus New Orleans is a game where bookmakers and players will study a specific sports star’s performance. 

Saints receiver Michael Thomas should play. Thomas didn’t play against the Kansas City Chiefs in New Orleans’ 3-point loss. 

If Thomas has a huge day against the Bears’ defense, expect big bets on New Orleans. If the Saints lose outright, expect dollars to drop on the Chiefs and Packers.  

  • Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers

At around +2000, the Steelers are cold. Don’t expect players to jump on Pittsburgh unless they dominate the Browns by 20 or more points.

If the Steelers or Browns struggle, it doesn’t matter who wins. Super Bowl bets should land on Kansas City and Green Bay. More action could flow to the Saints, Bills, and Seahawks, depending on how they performed.  

White label sportsbook agents must use their sportsbook software and set max limits on all Super Bowl contenders. Pay attention to teams like the Saints, Ravens, Seahawks, and Buccaneers. If those teams played well against their wildcard opponents, they should attract more Super Bowl betting action.  

Add a Premium Props platform and boost action

Per head agents should add the PayPerHead Prime Props platform. The bookie software platform allows agents to offer betting options on player performances. 

Drew Brees, Michael Thomas, Patrick Mahomes, Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers, etc., are sports stars. Players don’t just back their favorite teams. They also bet for their favorite players and against the players they dislike. 

Prime digital platforms like Premium Props can boost action by 15% or more. If you import players to PayPerHead today, you can pay $3 per head from now until Super Bowl LV on February 7. You can use our prime platforms, Premium Props, Premium Casino, Premium Live Dealer, and Live+, during the promotion. With Live+, agents can offer their players game trackers and video streams. Sign-up today, start gaining more action and start making more money.  

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