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Bookies Promote 2018 NFL Prop Bets

2018 NFL Prop Bets Bookies Should Promote & How to Protect Profits

NFL Preseason Week 1 is here. That means in 4 short weeks, the NFL Regular Season takes place. It’s a great time to promote the 2018 NFL Prop Bets.

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Start making profits now! Check out 6 NFL Prop Bets to promote along with how you, the per head agent, can protect profits.

Six 2018 NFL Prop Bets

** You can check out all odds here.

Start promoting these 2018 NFL prop bets in order to get your NFL bettors excited and to start generating cash right now!

First Head Coach Fired

The oddsmakers believe Hue Jackson, the Cleveland Browns coach, will be the first fired. Don’t be fooled. Jackson is a good coach. Finally, he’s got a decent team.

It’s doubtful the Browns fire Jackson in the middle of the season.

Promote this wager with an emphasis on Jackson. Also, make sure you set max betting limits on Dirk Koetter, Tampa’s coach—he’s more likely to be fired before Jackson is.


Tom Brady, who won it last season, is a +500 favorite. Aaron Rodgers is a +525 second choice while Carson Wentz is the +800 third choice. If you’re an online bookie that doesn’t mind risk, allow wagers to pummel Brady and Rodgers.

It’s rare that a player wins back-to-back NFL MVP Awards. Rodgers plays for the Green Bay Packers. The Packers will put an emphasis on rushing the football this season.

Wentz is a different story. Make sure that max betting limits are on Carson Wentz at +800. He could win the MVP.

NFL Defensive Player of the Year

The favorite, JJ Watt at +600, has little chance of winning the award this season. He slowed down considerably the past couple of seasons due to injuries. Consider allowing as many bets to flow onto Watt as possible.

Don’t shut off the spigot.

Set max betting limits on everyone else. This NFL Prop is wide open and you never know if one of your players will decide to put $2,000 on Jalen Ramsey at +1800.

NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year

To be safe, pay per head agents should put max betting limits on all betting options. This prep is crazy because the odds are all over the place after Bradley Chubb and Roquan Smith.

Promote this NFL prop bet, but don’t get fancy. Who knows who will win this Defensive Rookie of the Year?

NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year

Saquon Barkley is at +125. Unless he gets hurt in some way, he’s virtually a lock to win the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Award. Pay per head agents like you must set max betting limits on Barkley.

It’s also important to set max betting limits on any player that offers double-digit odds like Seattle running back Rashad Penny, just in case Barkley does get injured.

NFL Player with Most Receiving Yards

This is a great prop to promote because the favorite, Antonio Brown, is at less than +300 odds. Brown almost assuredly won’t receive the most yards this season.

Neither will the second choice, Julio Jones. Let wagers ride if you’re not risk-averse.

If online bookie agents are risk averse, they should go ahead and set max betting limits on all options. Absolutely set max betting limits on all options after Brown and Jones.

DeAndre Hopkins has a real shot at leading the NFL in receiving yards this season and he’s at +856.

Make sure you protect and increase your profits, use the 2018 NFL prop bets to get started, also, make sure you have the right tools to ensure profits and increase actions.

PayPerHead.com offers industry-leading tools and features that help bookies become their own success stories.

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