Running a sportsbook isn’t easy. Running a sportsbook as a lone online bookie entrepreneur is incredibly hard. That’s why the most important aspect of running a sportsbook is finding a partner like to help you run it. But outside of a partnership with PayPeHead, there are also factors that potential bookmakers must know about
The NCAA Tournament officially kicks off this Thursday, March 16. Friday presents sixteen NCAAB March Madness Tournament games. Per head agents aren’t going to receive a lot of action on all sixteen March Madness contests. More than likely, agents should receive action on only a handful of games. See below for what I think those
The NHL season is entering the homestretch as most teams have less than 20 games left on their regular-season schedule. Divisional championships are still up for grabs but the closest race appears to be in the Central Division of the Western Conference. So who should hockey bettors be looking at to put their money on
Pay per head agents run their own businesses. supports an agent’s personal privately owned, business. As a private business owner, agents must understand their client’s goals, why their clients use their services. Casual Player Goals Sports betting clients that are casual platers, their goals aren’t that specific. They mostly fall under the umbrella of
March Madness is a huge time of the year for many college basketball bettors. Both casual and pro players make wagers during March Madness. The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament begins next Thursday. Knowing each March Madness strategy that bettors may use will help price per head agents. This blog is about strategies that players are
As you may know, 2017 PGA tour events have already started in some of the warm weather locations around the country. And it won’t be long before we start seeing green grass in many other areas as well. Spring is close and with it comes the PGA Tour’s first major championship, the Masters. Price per
Starting your own sportsbook isn’t as easy as just deciding that you’d like your friends to make wagers through you. You don’t just show up with your laptop, open a blank excel sheet, and start taking bets from your friends. That’s not how it works. Most successful online bookies are pay per head agents. See
Being a more productive price per head agent is about discipline. The discipline to perform actions on a consistent basis is what makes some agents successful, and others not successful. Productive online bookie agents are successful online bookie agents. See below for 5 things that can help you be a more productive agent. Study the
Every NCAA Basketball season, Gonzaga is chosen as the dark house when the NCAA tournament rolls around. NCAAB betting and online bookies often offers Gonzaga at very good odds, which influences college basketball experts and novices alike to wager on the team. Yet, the Bulldogs have never won a NCAA tournament; nor has the team
Some pay per head agents might believe that all price per head software is the same. Those bookmakers could be asking themselves, why do I need to switch to a company like What makes PayPerHead special? I’m making no bones about it. This is a blog about why PayPerHead is better than its competitors.
The Washington Capitals have the best points total in the NHL through mid-February; and NHL betting, pay per head agents and bettors are taking notice. Capitals +500 The Caps are crushing it in the Eastern Conference, and have a commanding lead over rivals Pittsburgh in the Metropolitan Division. Meanwhile, Columbus, a team that was expected
Master agents are people that are in control of their own future. Master agents are people who know what they want and how to achieve it. But to become a master agent, one has to know the ins and outs of the online bookie business. They also need to have the right people and software
It’s almost here! One of the biggest betting sprints of the year outside of Super Bowl. NCAAB tournaments, AKA March Madness can be your year to grow your business. is offering their March Madness deal. Get their premium software for Half the price and make more money during March Madness. PayPerHead’s Premium Software Gets
At first, most online bookie agents might believe that TV listings are meaningless. After all, why spend time worrying about TV listings when their players have deep rooted wagering patterns? Thinking this way is a mistake. Keep reading to find out why. Live Betting is a Game Changer Occasionally, a disruptive force hits an industry.
Hard to believe but March is almost here. We all know that in college basketball that means March Madness and the excitement known as the NCAA Tournament. And this year seems as wide open as any in recent years. Top Ranking There is just one team (Gonzaga) in the AP Top 25 that has an
Super Bowl LI may go down as the greatest football game ever played. It’s certainly the greatest Super Bowl ever played. After Tom Brady led the New England Patriots to a 34 to 28 win over the Atlanta Falcons in overtime, some online bookies may have felt elated. Many, no doubt, felt a giant sting