The key to becoming a successful price per head agent isn’t to just gain customers. In fact, gaining customers is the easier part. Due to the sheer number of competitors for an agent’s customers, the true key to becoming a successful online bookie agent is keeping the customers that you gain. Check out 5 tips
The final Kentucky Derby Prep races are in the books. If Online bookie agents aren’t already taking action on horses to win the May 6, 2017, Kentucky Derby, they will soon. Below, I’ve listed the Top 8 contenders for this year’s Run for the Roses. I talk about the action that most pay per head
The sports betting industry continues to flourish. As technology becomes more important in our lives, sports bettors will flow more and more to online bookies. Becoming an online bookie can be a wonderfully profitable thing for individuals looking to start and run their own businesses. Online bookies are their own bosses. They only answer to
The ZigZag Theory has become a popular betting system. The theory states that teams coming off a loss are always under bet by the public. Therefore, teams that go into their next game off a win are over bet by the public. That’s great news for sports bettors looking to score on something like the
The final two Kentucky Derby Prep races are this Saturday, April 15. The Grade 1 Arkansas Derby and the Grade 3 Lexington Stakes are the final chances for many trainers to get a horse into the starting gate on the First Saturday in May. Per head agents can find out what horses should provide the
One of the worst things that an online bookie can do is work with cheap price per head software. First, it’s important to understand that you, as a bookmaker, needs the power of a price per head software to be successful. Without it, things could go south in a hurry for you. If you go
The 2017 NCAA March Madness Tournament is in the books. Up until the Final Four, it was probably a profitable moment for online bookies. But, like most Final Fours, the 2017 Final Four ended up with two 1-seeds and a 3-seed. Only one team seeded higher than 3, 7-seeded South Carolina, got to the Final
The 2017 Final Four Semifinals take place this Saturday, April 1. West Region winner 1 Gonzaga battles East Region winner 7 South Carolina. The game tips off at 6:09 pm ET this Saturday. Online bookie agents might want to consider thinking about the South Carolina versus Gonzaga match up. After I studied the game, I
Planning is important for every business. Being a successful per head agent requires as much planning as any other business. Going blindly into the price per head industry as a bookie could lead to ruin. See below for 4 elements to planning out your sportsbook business that are essential to success. Understand the bookmaking industry
Major League Baseball season is just 11 days away and the thoughts of hot dogs, popcorn, and cold beer is wetting the mouths of millions. Baseball betting is also wetting the mouths of punters, and it is time to wager on MLB futures. Last season’s American League and National League Most Valuable Players, Mike Trout
The NCAA’s sweet 16 tips off on Thursday and Friday, and only three more games stand between two universities and the championship game. Sweet 16 betting has already seen plenty of action go toward the Kansas Jayhawks. The team has been the only true No. 1 seed to play as expected. Two other No. 1
Running a sportsbook isn’t easy. Running a sportsbook as a lone online bookie entrepreneur is incredibly hard. That’s why the most important aspect of running a sportsbook is finding a partner like to help you run it. But outside of a partnership with PayPeHead, there are also factors that potential bookmakers must know about
The NCAA Tournament officially kicks off this Thursday, March 16. Friday presents sixteen NCAAB March Madness Tournament games. Per head agents aren’t going to receive a lot of action on all sixteen March Madness contests. More than likely, agents should receive action on only a handful of games. See below for what I think those
The NHL season is entering the homestretch as most teams have less than 20 games left on their regular-season schedule. Divisional championships are still up for grabs but the closest race appears to be in the Central Division of the Western Conference. So who should hockey bettors be looking at to put their money on
Pay per head agents run their own businesses. supports an agent’s personal privately owned, business. As a private business owner, agents must understand their client’s goals, why their clients use their services. Casual Player Goals Sports betting clients that are casual platers, their goals aren’t that specific. They mostly fall under the umbrella of
March Madness is a huge time of the year for many college basketball bettors. Both casual and pro players make wagers during March Madness. The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament begins next Thursday. Knowing each March Madness strategy that bettors may use will help price per head agents. This blog is about strategies that players are