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march madness 2019 student betting

March Madness 2019 Student Betting Opportunity

Sports Book Industry Anticipates over 67% of College Students to Bet On March Madness in 2019

The NCAA 2019 March Madness tournament is only weeks away, and college students are gearing up to place bets on their favorite teams, school or both. Last year, March Madness accumulated an estimated $300 million in legal bets, and billions in offshore wagers. However, – the leading sportsbook software company in the industry – is expecting over 67% of American college students to place wagers throughout this year’s tournament.

“March Madness is the ‘Battle Royal’ of the sports world. Over 60 different teams are featured in a single elimination tournament and only one will come out victorious,” explained Nate Johnson, Product Manager of

In previous years, has cited a rise of college students creating their own sportsbooks and placing wagers on sporting events. A recent survey performed by NPCGambling found that 67% of college students bet on sports, and that sports betting is second to poker in popularity among students.

“Legalization of sports betting in specific states has certainly influenced the number of students placing bets on sporting events,” explained Johnson. “In previous years, if 67% of students had placed wagers on sports events, I wouldn’t be surprised if it comes closer to 79% during March Madness 2019.” had previously reported that a record number of students are creating sports books of their own in order to start paying off their crippling student debts. Approximately 34% of PayPerHead’s site traffic is attributed to their 25-34 year-old demographic and is on a steady climb.

“Students are feeling more comfortable with placing bets on their schools and creating their own sportsbooks. Many are realizing that they can become their own bosses, set their own hours and living a lifestyle they desire.” states that the average student who starts their own sportsbooks have the opportunity to make $50,000 in their first year.

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