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Increase FIFA Betting Action

Missed Out On FIFA Betting Action? Use These 3 Tools Before It’s Too Late!

FIFA’s World Cup Round of 16 is pretty much set. That means it’s time for online bookie agents to think about specific pay per head tools to use to increase FIFA betting.

It’s getting down to the nitty-gritty.

Some basic tools can be used to garner FIFA World Cup betting action. Let’s go over 3 of those tools now.

3 Tools to Increase FIFA Betting Action

2 of the tools mentioned below are available to agents via the basic package. The other tool is available via the’s Prime Package.

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1. Message Center

The message center is an often overlooked tool that could absolutely lead to more betting action.

This is specifically true for the FIFA betting, where agents will want to send messages via PayPerHead’s interface.

The Message Center allows agents to send emails to players via a secure interface. That means agents mustn’t promote World Cup betting by sending messages through their personal email.

2. Schedule limit override for FIFA betting

After an agent delivers a piece of promotional material, the agent should set overrides on competing sports.

For example: Once a World Cup promotion message has been sent, the agents should set overrides on all MLB games for at least the next few hours. That allows the promotional material to sink in.

In addition, pay per head agents could also run an ad where they will put in an extra 5% on any World Cup match victories. That, coupled with the override, should increase FIFA betting for the next few hours.

3. Television listings

Pay per head service agents can only access television listings via the Prime Plan, on right now for 50% off the regular price.

And, yes, television listings are available on sports sites. However, having television listings at hand, not having to search for them, is a great way to increase action.

We mustn’t forget that most bettors, even pro bettors, like to watch games on which they wager. Casual players are even more susceptible to this small way of promoting action.

Promote World Cup games. Then, let players know where they can watch the World Cup games.

If agents use all the above tools in conjunction with one another, including adding an extra 5% to any account that wins a World Cup wager, action should come fast and furious to the online bookie agent’s sportsbook.

Don’t wait to set your sportsbook up, 2018 FIFA World Cup will be over in the blink of an eye—so will FIFA betting.

Don’t miss out on serious cash, upgrade to PayPerHead’s Prime Package today and get it all for 50% Off the regular price.

Thinking about becoming an online bookie agent? Check out our Definitive Guide on How To Be An Online Bookie.

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