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2019 MLB World Series Futures: Odds & Strategies for Your Sportsbook

In less than a month, Major League Baseball throws first pitch on the 2019 MLB Regular Season. Online bookie agents should start promoting World...

How Selection Sunday Works & Top Predictions For Your Sportsbook

March Madness truly begins this Sunday on March 17 when the NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament field is set. Dubbed Selection Sunday, the NCAA...

Social Media Marketing is Essential to Your Online Betting Business

Most online bookie agents are hesitant to promote their businesses. This makes sense. Even though the Supreme Court knocked down a law that banned...

NCAA Basketball Tips: Create A Strategy Using The PayPerHead Line Mover

  The NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament kicks off the week of March 18. All PayPerHead agents should promote wagering on the NCAA Tournament....

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Super Bowl Week, now and then

Ah yes, Super Bowl week… my favorite time of the year to be involved in the sports betting industry, but it wasn’t always that way.

Back when I was a local bookie in Philadelphia a couple decades ago, I used to absolutely loathe this week. Sure the action was good but every Tom, Dick and Harry would come out of the woodwork looking to place a wager on Super Bowl Sunday.

All of my clients had numerous friends that wanted to come in for this one game and make a bet. Now don’t get me wrong, referrals are always wonderful. But taking one bet from one guy you’ve never met wasn’t always worth the risk.

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Be a 21st Century Bookie

If you have ever been involved in the sports bookie business, chances are at one time or another, one of your players failed to make a payment. Now, if you’ve ever used a corner bookie, it is unlikely that you’ve gotten stiffed, but it still happens on occasion.

Every once in a while one of my pay per head employees takes a call from a bettor stating that his bookie is nowhere to be found. Every time we get one of these calls, I have to shake my head in amazement.

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Gambling Legislation Hypocrisy

Hey, I’m not usually into conspiracy theories, but don’t you think New Jersey is taking a huge step in the direction of legalizing online gambling and the biggest Mafia bust in US history occurring in the same week is a tad bit coincidental?

On January 11th, the New Jersey legislature voted 63-11 in favor of letting Atlantic City casinos to offer online casino games to their residents. Since the assembly and Senate both passed the internet gambling bill, all that is needed now is Governor Chris Christie’s ‘yes’ vote and those living in New Jersey  will be rolling crap dice and pulling slot levers from the comforts of their homes.

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Bookies winning the BCS Bowl betting battle

With the NFL Playoffs set to kick-off and the college bowl season in its final week, it is high-season for anyone and everyone involved in the sports betting world. Doesn’t matter if you are a corner bookie taking bets at the neighborhood watering hole, a pay per head agent monitoring your players at an outsourcing bookmaking joint, or an employee at an offshore bookmaking joint; one thing certain – you are logging plenty of hours this time of year.

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NFL Week 14: Another winning week for the bookies

Week 14 of the NFL was a rollercoaster ride, if you are a bookie. Doesn’t matter if you are an offshore sportsbook, a pay per head shop, or a corner bookie; you were on the edge of your seat from Thursday night’s game all the way through the end of the second Monday game.

Thursday night started off with a bang for all bookie shops alike. The bettors were loaded up on the favored, Indianapolis Colts as they took on the downtrodden Titans in Tennessee. The phones were ringing off the hooks at one pay per head shop:

“It was amazing listening to all the players calling in with their Indy plays before kickoff,” explained Tony D. from payperperhead.com. “Once Indy went up 21-0 in the first half, I spoke with a couple of our pay per head agents; you knew they were sweating it.”

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NFL Week 15: Chalk up another winning week for the bookies

If you took a significant amount of betting action this past weekend, you had some big winners and unfortunately big losers as well. Whether you are a corner bookie, an offshore bookmaking outfit or a pay per head shop – you saw your bankroll go up and down numerous times throughout Week 15 on the 2010 NFL season.

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Who wants to be a bookie?

“What should I do to become a bookie?” – Believe it or not, this is a question that lately we hear very often at the call center of Payperhead.com Common sense suggests that probably not many people give thought to the idea of becoming an agent, but the fact is that quite many people feel curious about this profession. Is it the recession, perhaps, that has increased the number of calls that we receive inquiring about how to get started in the business? I don’t know, but I can’t blame people for feeling attracted to being a bookie. Bookmaking is an activity that reminds you that you can make money AND have fun at the same time. There is glamour in that and it’s certainly more interesting than watching the days go by from an office cubicle.

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Why some politicians don’t like bookies?

A lot has been discussed in different online betting forums about gambling legislation, but I think it is always good to go back and talk a little more about this issue, because it’s very important that everybody understands these legal topics and the politics behind them. It’s very easy for us regular citizens to think that if the law prohibits something or if the law is enforced in a certain way it is because there are only good intentions behind the legislation or the enforcement.

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