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You asked, we answered

Every online bookie needs great pay per head software.
Find out the features you need and how it all works right here.

Which platform features should I be looking for?

Your pay per head platform should offer up-to-date features like live wagering, mobile betting, casino games with live dealers, advanced analytics, and industry-standard management features. You should also be looking for multiple payment options, security features, and 24/7 customer service.

No, not usually. The platform determines which sports leagues are offered. The more available, the more betting options your players will have. At PayPerHead we offer 80+ different sports leagues, so be wary of platforms that only offer a handful of leagues.

The financial management of your book is done securely through your platform. Taking bets, granting credit, seeing who is in the black and who is in the red, processing betting payments: all of this can be done from your dashboard. Expert tip: look for a platform that offers a large variety of secure payment options for your players. More payment options and fewer failed transactions mean more bets will be placed.

Mobile betting is one of the newest features in the online bookie world. The use of mobile devices to surf the web has taken over in the past few years and online betting is not exempt from that. By choosing pay per head software that features mobile betting, bookies can increase the number of bets placed by their players. Mobile devices make it much easier to place bets whenever and wherever players want.

Typically yes, all basic pay per head software should come with reporting and analytics. We’d recommend thinking through which metrics you’ll need before committing to a platform because some only provide limited information.

Live wagering is a great feature that can increase your pay per head profits. It allows players to place bets in real-time, up to a certain point in the game, which tends to generate more bets, often spontaneous and emotionally motivated, putting more money in your pocket.

At PayPerHead, we offer TruLive Wagering, a state of the art, two tier live wagering platform with all the features you can imagine and maybe more. With TruLive’s Premium and Live+ features, you can set limits on all in-play bets, monitor your player’s action, offer prop bets, limit leagues, experience live video coverage and more.

Casino games are the perfect way to keep your players betting in the off-season. Having an online casino also has the potential to increase your profits by 15 – 30%. The best platforms will offer 24/7 live streaming, lovely live dealers, and a variety of games like Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, and Casino Hold-Em.

DGS, or Digital Gaming Solutions, is the newest technology in digital gaming system software. It has the most up-to-date tools for sports betting management. If you’re new to online betting and your book is full of traditional clients who want to make the digital transition, DGS is definitely the way to go. ASI, or Advisor Software Inc., has been building a reputation for reliability over six years. It’s now considered “the old software” to manage sportsbooks compared to DSI, but still offers basic features like player management, adjustment tools, weekly stats, and betting limits. At PayPerHead, we now only use DGS.

Different platforms feature different racetracks, but more access to more facilitates year-round betting on horses. The main thing you need to consider for this sport is the number of racetracks offered (at PayPerHead, we feature at least 70, more than any platform in the industry).

Agile Line Setting allows you to set lines for each individual game in each individual sport. You can use this feature to develop a reputation as one of the most competitive online betting sites in the industry.

The hold percentage is the bottom-line number that shows the overall win/loss total for all players in your book over a given time period. You can compare hold percentages and use player data to offer more lines during the most popular times.

Settle Alerts allow you to create pre-settle limits that automatically let you know when to collect and when to pay out. It’s one of the many features that streamline your bookie business and save time.

The Line Mover cuts risk exposure by allowing agents to move betting lines. It can also increase action depending on which way the agent moves the lines. The Line Mover is especially important to avoid refunding players, keeping more cash in your pocket. Bear in mind that the Line Mover is a premium profit-saving tool offered at PayPerHead. In order to access this tool, you’ll need the Prime Package.

This tool is a separate account for online bookies to balance their books. If one side sees too many bets and favored to win, online bookies can use a Layoff Account to level out the playing field by placing wagers on the other side. This is an optional account that you can choose to have to protect your bottom line. However, you must remember to use it only when necessary. Abusing it can make players distrust you, which ultimately stops your book from growing.

Atlanta Falcons +3

New England Patriots -3

Some bookmakers took an inordinate amount of action on Atlanta at +3 in Super Bowl LI. One pro player dumped a million dollars on the Falcons at +3.

Let’s say by comparison you took $1,000 on the Falcons or Patriots in Super Bowl LI and you end up heavy on that side; you’d then want to utilize your layoff account and put money on Atlanta at +3. That way, you lay off some or all action on the Falcons.

Now, some might say that by utilizing the layoff account in this manner on the Falcons, you may leave profit on the table.

(In fact, the Patriots did beat Atlanta by 6 points, 34 to 28 in Super Bowl LI.)

Those who said that would be correct.

But, remember; once Atlanta went up 28 to 3, the moneyline odds on the Falcons losing Super Bowl LI was 1 to 25. 

Your concern is with making consistent revenue that you turn into consistent profit.

If you take big risks by letting your players bet heavy on one side and you don’t use your layoff tool, you risk losing everything and going out of business quickly.

Set up is very simple, our staff will take care of everything for you. Time frames on package transfers can vary, depending on how many players you have in your package, and we’ll transfer over all data for each player, including their user ID and password, open plays, credit limits, maximum and minimum wager amounts, balances, etc.  The only difference your players will notice is that their book just got better! Call us to learn more about the process and get started.

Premium pay per head software should provide you with a custom website to help you grow your business. You’ll be able to customize the design, make the site mobile-friendly, and provide your players with an all-in-one place for betting.

Sportsbook software companies should be able to provide you customer support. That’s one of the features you have to look for when you’re browsing. For instance, PayPerHead offers 24/7 support in case you were to have any issues. Make sure your software provider gives you multiple ways to contact your support team, including:

  • live messaging
  • 24/7 customer support line
  • e-mail


The core idea is to have some redundant communication lines so that you always have a backup plan.