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To increase your profits, you need to keep your book in balance and attract new players.
These answers will help you to promote the right bets at the right time so you can make more money.

What’s the average price of online bookie software?

Online bookie software is sold under the price per head (or “pay per head”) model, which means that you pay a set amount per player in your book every week. This means that the cost of your platform depends on the number of players you have in your book.

In terms of the average price per head, platforms will offer anywhere between $5 – $20 per head. At PayPerHead, our rates start at $10.99 and go up slightly from there, depending on the features you choose to include.

Keep in mind that the lower the cost per head, the fewer features your software will provide.

We’d suggest looking for platforms that offer multiple pricing tiers to suit your business’ size and growth.

The better pay per head platforms will offer discounts to their existing members as well as new ones. Some common examples include free use of a premium feature, such as live betting, or a temporary discount on the price per head fee. Look for member perks and discounts when selecting your platform, as well as free educational resources that will help you grow your pay per head business.

Follow up with your players before the weekend and major games. Wednesdays are typically the best midweek reminder, especially during the NFL season. To avoid saturating your players with updates, make sure you’re using their betting stats and PayPerHead’s Player Activity Reports to provide personal suggestions. This will show them extra value in your emails, texts, and/or phone calls.

Leveraging technology is one of the best ways you can promote your bets and increase your profits. Email and SMS (text) reminders can go a long way towards making sure your regulars continue betting and new players get into the game quicker. You can also use social media and sports betting forums like to promote your bets regularly to potential players.

New players can come from personal and professional connections, promotional activities, or live events.

As an online bookie, you need to decide on your business model and where you intend to attract your players.

Some successful tactics for attracting new players include discount offers like reduced juice or bonus cash, contests, providing free betting advice on your own site and others to build your reputation, and teaser bets (read more on betting types to promote below).

You can also consider investing in advertising to promote your sportsbook on social media, popular sports sites, and podcasts.

There are several ways you can increase the number of bets in your book, and many of them come from your pay per head platform.

Features that provide more opportunities to bet such as mobile betting, live wagering, and an online casino have the potential to double or even triple your profits.

Gather insights from your betting analytics regularly. It’s essential to tailor your players’ experience and a great way to turn a new face into a regular player.

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