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How to Manage Baseball Betting Lines

How to Manage Baseball Betting Lines

The 2021 MLB Season threw its first pitch on Thursday, April 1. As a pay per head agent, you need to know the differences between various baseball betting lines. Read information on how baseball betting differs from wagering on football and basketball.

The thirty teams that make up Major League Baseball played a 60 game regular season last year. But although there were fewer games, August 2020 broke wagering records in Philadelphia and New Jersey.

Baseball was one reason both the Garden State and the Keystone State doubled up their sports betting handle from August 2019 totals. Worldwide, sports handicappers wager $55 billion on baseball every year.

Agents could see a considerable bump in bets on baseball this season. Two of the most popular MLB teams, the Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Yankees, are favorites to win the 2021 World Series. 

Also, teams will play a full 162-game schedule. In the pandemic age, typical is good. See below for information on baseball betting options. 

Most bookie software agents know about baseball moneyline, run line, and total wagers betting. But there’s nothing wrong with a knowledge brush up. So keep reading even if you believe you know all of it.

Brush up on MLB betting lines: moneyline, run line, and total

What is a bookie? Bookies run sportsbooks. Some players prefer to wager with bookies instead of online sportsbooks because they like the idea of calling and working with a single person.

Players make different bets on different platforms their bookmaker provides. The three most popular sports leagues in the United States are the NFL, NBA, and MLB.

The most popular betting option for football and basketball is to wager against the spread. Most oddsmaking agents know all about spread betting. 

In spread betting, players either back the team giving points, or back the team getting points. If Team A is at -3, players who support Team A win if Team A beats Team B by at least 4 points.

Players who backed Team B win if Team B loses to Team A by 2 points or less. If Team A beats Team B by 3 points, we call that a “push” or “draw.” 

Against the spread (ATS) wagering doesn’t exist in baseball. There is a form of spread betting in baseball called the run line. 

We don’t place run line betting in the ATS category. Instead, run line betting is a form of handicap betting. Check out the three baseball betting lines for which you must offer free bookie software

Baseball moneyline

The baseball moneyline is the most popular MLB bet. Players choose which team wins on the moneyline. 

If they like the Los Angeles Angels in a game against the Oakland Athletics, they back the Angels. If they prefer the A’s, they bet on the A’s. 

Whichever team wins determines whether the player’s bet is a winner or loser. Moneyline betting is simple, which is why price per head bookies must offer them. We also have loads of other advice for how to be a bookie in our guide.

Some players exclusively bet on baseball moneylines. Some baseball betting experts become so good at wagering for or against a single team that they can win thousands of dollars.

To stop this from happening, bookies should do the following.

  1. Set max betting limits on all baseball moneylines and parlays
  2. Set payout limits on all baseball moneylines and parlays
  3. Set parlay limits. Disallow parlays that include more than three to four teams

Baseball run lines betting

Major League Baseball run lines always favor one team at -1 ½. Run lines are more related to soccer handicap betting than to football against the spread wagering.

You want players making wagers on handicap baseball betting lines. Most times, players will lay the 1 ½ runs to ensure they make above even money. 

The three rules for baseball moneylines betting apply to baseball run lines. Set max betting and max payout limits and disallow any run line parlays to include more than three to four teams. 

Baseball totals

Totals in baseball work like they do in soccer, football, and basketball. Lines makers use sportsbook software to set the total. Players bet over or under the total. Here’s an example of a baseball total.

O 9 ½ (-120)

U 9 ½ (+105)

If a player believes the combined runs scored is 10 or more, the player must risk -120 to bet over. If a player thinks the total will be less than 10 combined runs, the player bets under +105.

Baseball futures

Like the NFL and NBA, Major League Baseball provides year-end awards beyond the championship. Players can wager on the World Series baseball betting lines.

Baseball provides more year-end awards than the NFL or the NBA because MLB has two leagues, the American League and the National League.

Your players can make baseball bets on the following.

  • AL MVP
  • NL MVP
  • AL Cy Young
  • NL Cy Young
  • AL Rookie of the Year
  • NL Rookie of the Year

You know what MVP and Rookie of the Year awards are. But what’s the Cy Young Award? In baseball, pitchers don’t usually bat. The Angels’ Shohei Ohtani will try to play designated hitter and pitcher this season. 

He’s the first to do so in a long time. The Cy Young is Major League Baseball’s award for the American League’s or National League’s best pitcher. 

Born in 1867, Young had a 511-315 record, a lifetime 2.63 earned run average, and struck out 2,803 batters. 

Add Premium Props and offer individual pitcher and batter performance options

No doubt, baseball betting lines handicappers will soon call bookie agents looking to make MLB prop bets. Adding Premium Props is a massive step to satisfying players’ requests.

Say your player gets baseball betting tips regarding pitchers and batters for a specific game. On the props platform, they can make individual sports performance bets.

Premium Props has proven to increase action by at least 15%. Some agents should see a much more significant increase due to pent-up demand.

If you have yet to import your players to PayPerHead, do so soon. Every month, we run multiple promotions, and we’re always running a trial. If you sign up soon, you receive a $100 bonus, and you can take part in our best in the industry referral program.   


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