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NBA Finals 2024 Preview

The NBA Finals 2024 are here. There’s no surprise that the Boston Celtics made it, but the No. 5 seed Dallas Mavericks snuck in the back door. They are the lowest seed to make the Finals from the West since the 1995 Houston Rockets.

NBA Finals 2024 Odds to Win

The Celtics are favored to win by just about everyone. They were the favorites when the season started, and they are still the favorites. The only kink in their armor is that each team they’ve faced in the playoffs so far had injuries and was without star players.

Bet Odds
Celtics to win the Series -225
Mavericks to win the Series +185
Celtics to win in five games +310
Celtics to win in seven games +410
Celtics to win in six games +470
Celtics to sweep +650
Mavericks to win in six games +550
Mavericks to win in seven games +800
Mavericks to win in five games +1100
Mavericks to sweep +2200

The betting community is expecting at least six games to decide the winner. Sports fans are looking forward to an exciting and close series that lasts as long as possible.

How Does Boston Measure Up Against a Healthy Dallas?

There’s no doubt that Boston is a great team, but they beat Miami while they were missing Butler. They took out Cleveland, which had multiple injured players, including Mitchell. The Pacers lost star point guard Tyrese Haliburton for the final two games – and three of their four games ended with a five points or less difference.

They may be facing their first formidable foe when playing against a healthy Mavericks team in the Finals, but that doesn’t suggest they won’t win. They beat Dallas in both meetings during the regular season.

Date Location Score
January 22 Dallas Celtics 119-110 Mavericks
March 1 Boston Celtics 138-110 Mavericks

But this is the playoffs. In fact, it’s the finals. Players on both teams will give their best efforts. Which props bets do they like to make?

NBA Finals 2024 MVP Odds

Four standout players have the shortest odds to win the Finals MVP

Jayson Tatum (Boston): -135

The Celtics’ Jaylen Brown won the Eastern Conference Finals MVP, but Tatum is still the favorite to win the Finals MVP. The last four Finals MVP winners led that series in points per game. Jayson Tatum leads the Celtics in the playoffs in points (26.0), rebounds (10.4), and assists (5.9) per game. Can he continue to lead?

Luka Dončić (Dallas): +190

This is his first time in the Finals. In his eight career playoff series, Dončić led six of those in points per game. In the other two, he was second. It is possible that Tatum is doing so well because of the deficient teams he had to go up against. If the Mavs can slow Tatum down, it’s possible Dončić can overtake him in points. So far in the playoffs, he’s averaged 9.6 rebounds and 8.8 assists per game. He’s likely to be the top scorer for Dallas, but if they win the championship…

Jaylen Brown (Boston): +550

Brown is playing his best playoff ball in these playoffs, with career-highs in points per game (25.0) and shooting percentage (54.1%). He’s already shown he’s MVP material. If he can stay consistent in the next round, he can pull it off again.

Kyrie Irving (Dallas): +1200

His odds are much longer than the rest’s, but he’s the only one who already has an NBA title. Irving is also playing some of his best games, shooting a career-high 48.5% from the field. He’s not always a high scorer but contributes in other ways, including assists.

Why Boston Will Win

They have more star power and have only lost twice in the playoffs (12-2) so far. They are second in points per game (111.4) because they can stretch the floor and create offense from any spot. The Celtics have a home-court advantage and have greatly improved clutch situations. Kristaps Porzingis’ return will also be a huge factor in their chances. If they win this one, they will pass the Lakers with the most championships (18).

Why Dallas Will Win

They have Dončić. Boston might have Tatum, but he doesn’t take over the game like Dončić. Irving’s experience will quiet the Boston fans, while P.J. Washington and Gafford will bring the needed size and support.

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