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MLB Betting Management Tips For Sportsbook

Get A Head Start With Our MLB Betting Management Tips

Baseball is here to today we’re looking at our MLB betting management tips to enable you to avoid a ‘low season’. Some sports bettors detest betting on baseball games. The reason is that most of the time the only wager that makes sense is a money line wager.

There is no spread betting in baseball.

But, there are pro bettors that specialize in betting baseball. That’s why it’s important for online bookie agents to know how to manage MLB betting.

Keys to MLB Betting Management

The keys to MLB betting management is for per head agents to utilize their pay per head tools. Below, we discuss each one of the best tools to ensure MLB betting profit.

Mass editing tool

We’ve written about once before, we’ll write about it again. Heck, we’ll keep writing about it. The mass editing tool is essential to managing sports wagering.

When it comes to MLB betting, it’s more than essential. It’s necessary.

Why? The best way to manage MLB betting is to set max betting limits on every money line wager. This prevents pro players that specialize in betting on MLB games to dump $1,000 on a single baseball game.

Force all bettors to spread their wagers around.

Schedule limit override

Use the schedule limit override tool to encourage baseball bets on games that haven’t attracted action. This is important.

Most baseball teams play every day. That’s a lot of games on which players can wager. It’s important to encourage action on games that haven’t attracted any action because, again, the sports bettors that wager baseball knows what they’re doing.

Use TV listings For MLB Betting Management

You can get TV listings by signing up for’s Prime Plan. Are TV listings important?

Yes, they are. The mass editing tool and schedule limit override are used to encourage wagers from baseball bettors.

How many of your clients bet on baseball? Exactly! Probably not a lot.

The reason, like we wrote in the introduction, is because there is no such thing as spread betting on baseball.

Promote action on nationally televised baseball games to casual bettors that wait until the fall to place wagers on football.

Get those bettors interested in baseball, and you’ll make plenty of profit.

Line mover

Baseball betting lines are almost never out of whack. They don’t change that much because they’re money lines, not against the spread betting lines.

They’re never out of whack because the public almost always makes the team with the better pitcher the favorite.

However, once in a while you might want to move the money line on an MLB game. There could be all sorts of reasons why.

If online bookie agents sign up for PayPerHead’s Prime Plan, they’ll have access to a line mover.

Most bookies dread the MLB “slow season”, but with the right tools, betting management, and using the right marketing promotions, you can still come out on top.

Plus, right in the nick of time for the slow season, PayPerHead is offing up to 35% cash back credited to new Prime Package accounts.

Find out how to get up to 35% credit cash back here

Or, sign up for PayPerHead’s Prime Package right now and speak to a rep about the opportunity.

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