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How Online Bookies Can Use The “ZigZag Theory” For NHL Playoffs

The ZigZag Theory has become a popular betting system. The theory states that teams coming off a loss are always under bet by the public. Therefore, teams that go into their next game off a win are over bet by the public.

That’s great news for sports bettors looking to score on something like the NHL Playoffs. But, we’re per head agents. Our concern is how to use the ZigZag Theory to our benefit.

A pay per head agent has a powerful tool that he or she can utilize to prevent the ZigZag Theory from destroying his or her sportsbook.

ZigZag Theory Do’s and Don’ts

The first thing to do is not to look for the ZigZag Theory. Since to implement the ZigZag Theory a sports bettor must know what the theory is, most online bookie agents may not even face the theory.

Or, they may only face it from their pro players.

Second, if casual players aren’t employing the ZigZag Theory, there’s no reason for you to panic. Pro players have earned the right to employ whatever betting strategy they want when wagering on the NHL Playoffs.

It’s important for you to keep your pro players providing action to your business, not your competitor’s business.

Even if casual players do employ the strategy, agents shouldn’t panic. There’s a simple fix provided to you for collaborating with

Let’s say that you are faced with a crazy ZigZag Theory situation in the NHL Playoffs. Perhaps, the Chicago Blackhawks have just lost to their first game in Round 1.

Now, the Blackhawks are in desperation mode in Game 2 because the odds say that if they lose the first 2 games, they’re toast.

Every one of your players jumps on the Blackhawks to win Game 2. If that’s the case, you must use your layoff account to even out both sides of the spread.

The ZigZag Theory implies that Chicago wins Game 2. There’s no reason to go against such a strong implication.

ZigZag Theory Bottom Line

The bottom line when it comes to the ZigZag Theory and the NHL Playoffs is that pay per head agents shouldn’t look for the theory.

But, when it does rear its ugly head in mass amounts of action, just go to your layoff account to even out that action.

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