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Sports Betting Legalization

How Will Legalized US Sports Betting Effect Online Bookies

Many pay per head agents might have felt like they had just been punched in the gut after the Supreme Court of the United States struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act.

The act forbade states outside of Nevada from offering wagers on sporting events.

Does the Supreme Court’s actions mean that online bookies are in danger? Not at all.

In fact, I’ll show you why you shouldn’t fear the Supreme Court’s actions.

Once you understand the reasons why you shouldn’t fear the Supreme Court’s actions, make sure you collect up to 35% cash back by signing up for PayPerHead’s Prime Package.

Don’t Fear The Supreme Court’s Actions

Check out reasons why legalized US gambling should have a minimal effect on your online sportsbook.

Not all U.S. States Will Jump at Offering Legal Sports Betting


Not all U.S. States will jump at offering legal sports betting. There are several reasons for this. First, some states, like Arizona and California, have deals with various Native American tribes to offer casino type betting.

Those tribes, rightfully so, will want a say in the billion-dollar sports betting industry.

Native American Casino Betting Isn’t the Same as Vegas Casino Betting


If casino betting in a Native American casino isn’t the same as Vegas casino betting, why would we expect the states to allow Native American casinos to offer sports betting commiserate with what Vegas offers?

We wouldn’t.

There’s Risk With Running a Sportsbook


Setting up a brick and mortar sportsbook is risky. There are a few reasons for this.

First, it takes a ton of dollars.

Second, companies must find a location.

Third, companies must provide the Vegas experience. That means shows, restaurants, etc.

Individual Online Bookies Don’t Lose Their Advantages


Sports bettors that wager through individual online bookies won’t suddenly decide to switch to some company running an online betting site, or even switch their business to a brick and mortar sportsbook.

If they decided to make sports wagers through you instead of an offshore book, why would anything change?

Sports Betting Isn’t As Cost-Effective As You Think


Where do Vegas casino’s make their money? It’s not in the sportsbook, that’s for sure. They make their money via casino betting, restaurants, and other types of entertainment.

Even if we’re wrong and states decide to open up all forms of betting, it’s going to take years for them to create the right structure.

There’s also another thing that the Supreme Court’s decision did, it allowed fantasy companies like DraftKings and Fan Duel to offer their forms of gambling throughout the 50 states.

Both companies are backed by heavy hitters like Disney. Does any pay per head agent believe Disney, and other companies involved with fantasy sports, wants to open sports betting in all forms to everyone in states like California and Arizona?


There’s still a lot to be decided. Right now, online bookie agents shouldn’t worry so much about the Supreme Court’s decision to allow sports betting in all 50 states.

Focus on your business and the growth of it. Having devoted and loyal players will help regardless of outside decisions.

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That’ll keep you ahead of the game!

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