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Pay Per Head Agents - Use Line Mover

Master Agents: How To Use The Line Mover To Make Serious Profit

One of the best tools at a master agent’s disposal is the line mover. Online bookie agents should seriously consider signing up for’s Prime Package just so they have access to the line mover.

Before getting into why, I’ve written a refresher about against the spread odds

Refresher: Against the Spread Odds

Against the spread odds wagers deal with a betting line. For example, if Team A is at +5 -110 and Team B is at -5 -110, Team A must win by at least 6 points for any wagers on Team A to hit.

Team B can lose by 5 points or less for any wagers on Team B to hit.

You, the per head agent, makes money by collecting on the juice, the 10% fee associated for accepting the bet. That’s why in many cases agents wish to balance money on ATS wagers for both sides.

Agents can use the money on the losing side of a wager to pay off players on the winning side. The agent collects the 10% fee.

There are times, though, when it’s impossible to collect the 10% fee. The most famous example of this happening might be Super Bowl XXXIV where the then St. Louis Rams beat the Tennessee Titans 23 to 16.

Betting forced the line, which had been 6.5 to 7.5 all week before the game, to land exactly on 7 right before kick-off. The game landed exactly on 7.

What did sportsbooks all throughout the world do in this case? They had to refund all wagers at -7 on the Rams, and at +7 on the Titans.

Change All Lines by Half-A-Point with the Line Mover

The PayPerHead line mover allows per head agents to change betting lines. All agents must do is change betting lines either up, or down a half a point.

Agents should then decide if they want to balance out both sides of an ATS bet via their layoff accounts.

Just a half a point change, because there’s no way to win a basketball or football game by a half a point, prevents making any refunds on that game.

By adding something as simple as a line mover, most every online bookie agent can prevent having to make refunds on against the spread wagers.

That, by itself, is worth adding the Prime Package to your current suite of tools and features with

Get PayPerHead’s Prime Package

Right now pay per head agents can get the Prime Package, which includes the line mover, for just $3 per head.

PayPerHead’s Prime Package gives you the ability to manage your books, your players, and your subagents.

How do you get PayPerHead’s Prime Package for $3? It’s easy!

1 – Call in to speak to a PayPerHead representative about their premium sportsbook software call-in deal. (1-888-978-0288)

2 – The PayPerHead representative will start agents off with a free 7 day trial of their Prime Package.

3 – Within those 7 days, agents need to deposit $100 into their account to lock in $3 Per Head

4 – Agents can start growing their sportsbook, and their bottom line.

What are you waiting for? Call in and talk to a PayPerHead rep to get their Prime Package for just $3 per head!

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