Earlier this week it was announced that offshore bookmaking giant Sportsbook.com would cease taking on new U.S. customers starting May 1st. Shocking news indeed, especially considering this offshore sportsbook has been catering to primarily bettors from the states for about 14 years.

Local bookies and pay per head shops (including yours truly) are licking their collective chops.

Considering that sports betting isn’t going anywhere, the tens of thousands of bettors that won’t be able to deposit with SB.com, will need a new home.

Sure they can try and take their thirst for action to any of the other dwindling amount of post-up online sportsbooks that still accept U.S. play. If they are fortunate enough to get their money in their account, hopefully they won’t have to pay too many deposit fees on top. Oh, and if they do win and request a withdrawal, I hope they don’t mind paying more outrageous fees. They better be patient; it often takes weeks to get their hands on the money. All this hassle for the convenience of betting online all of a sudden does not seem so convenient.

With all of these problems in the offshore sportsbook world, there is no better time to be involved in the wonderful world of outsource bookmaking.

Let’s face it, people are going to continue to bet, but as long as the DOJ continues to tighten the clamps on the monstrous post-up books, it will be more and more difficult for these bettors to get their action in. So, naturally they’ll start looking elsewhere – traditional sports bookies.

However, this large mass of 21st century sports bettors are accustomed to making their bets online or even from their mobile phone. That’s where the corner bookie needs to realize that in order to expand his business he must get out of the dark ages and use an outsource sportsbook like the one I run, Payperhead.com.

Once the bookie uses a pay per head sportsbook, his players will be able to bet online on countless events. They won’t have to pay crazy fees or wait weeks to get paid. The pph agent will simply collect and pay his player however they see fit.

This is the future of sports betting services in the U.S. Offshore as post-up sportsbooks are a dying breed. Old school corner books that still take their own bets on the phone are stuck in the stone ages. Don’t hold your breath for the states to legalize sports betting anytime soon.

The advantages that per head sportsbooks offer the agents and the bettors dwarfs any other option out there today.

The future is now my fellow bookie.