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Ready to Upgrade to Master Bookie Agent

Are You Ready To Upgrade To A Master Bookie Agent Status?

Not all online bookie agents should upgrade to master bookie agent status. Many online bookie agents should continue to go about their business, run their sportsbooks, take profit, and be happy with what they’ve got.

However, at times, a bookie agent must upgrade to master bookie agent status. How will an agent know the time is right to upgrade to master bookie agent status?

They’ll know by asking themselves specific questions.

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What Questions Do Bookies Ask Themselves?

The best way to find out if you must become a master agent is to ask yourself the following 3 questions.

1. Are you providing the same level of customer service that you always have?


If the answer is no, your customer service could be suffering because you simply don’t have time to provide excellent customer service.

Master bookie agents worry more about running and expanding the business than they do about customer service. It’s not because they don’t believe customer service is important.

It’s because they simply don’t have time to be great customer service reps.

Instead, they rely on help from PayPerHead’s customer service reps, who are available 24/7, 365 days a year and are there to assist you, and your bettors.

2. Have you taken on more clients than you can handle?


If you take on too many clients without having someone to help you manage those clients, you can end up making a mistake that hurts your per head sportsbook business.

An example of this is if you take on clients who provide a ton of action in the online racebook. By paying attention to online racebook risk management, you could forget to set max betting limits on a World Cup prop bet.

3. Do you want to expand your business?


There’s nothing that says you can’t decide to become a master agent because you want to. Expanding your business could be what you wish to do.

If you wish to expand your business, the easiest way might be to hire sub-agents with their own book of business.

You could also hire sub-agents that are experts in a sport you aren’t familiar with. For example, the World Cup takes place starting on June 14.

If you know nothing about soccer betting, how can you properly promote World Cup matches?

Think about your answers to the three questions above before deciding to become a master agent. Becoming a master bookie agent means that you’re changing your day to day responsibilities.

The move shouldn’t be done without thought.

Understanding if you want to, and if you should, be a master online bookie agent, is step #1. After that, you’ll need a premium sportsbook solution that offers the right tools and features for master agents.

PayPerHead’s Prime Package offers advanced tools, reports that are customizable to see the overview of your business, and the best customer service for you and your clientele.

Get the premium sportsbook solution that is designed to help master bookie agents succeed in a competitive industry. PLUS, find out how you can get up to 35% credit CASH BACK when you sign up for PayPerHead’s Prime Package.

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