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NFL Super Bowl 2024 Preview

NFL Super Bowl 2024 Preview

NFL Super Bowl 2024 Preview. Last year’s Super Bowl was the most watched US telecast ever. This year promises to blow past that as viewership is up this regular season. Part of that can be attributed to the growth of sports betting over the last few years. If you have a sportsbook, make sure you’re using the best pay per head software to be a part of that growth.

Sunday promises to be an exciting game as the spread between the two teams continues to narrow.

Super Bowl LVIII

Date: Sunday, February 11 at 6:30 pm ET, Las Vegas

Kansas City Chiefs versus San Francisco 49ers (-1, 47.5)

Critics Versus Fans

The sportsbooks opened with a 2-point spread in favor of the 49ers, which has since dropped to -1. The 49ers might have the best team this year, but they don’t have Mahomes and Kelce on it. On top of that, the Chiefs have the better defense.

The 49ers only had to go against the Packers and Lions, and they had a tough time with each of them. The Chiefs had to take on the No. 1 ranked Ravens, which they did in dominant fashion, shutting them down to only 10 points in the 17-10 win.

Mahomes and Kelce

For much of 2023, it looked like the Chiefs would not regain the glory they established in the previous few seasons. The offense was not clicking, which caused Patrick Mahomes to have an uncharacteristically large number of turnovers. But the defense kept them in the games until the playoffs when Mahomes and Kelce took their game to a new level.

In the playoffs, Mahomes has completed 70% of his passes with no interceptions and has thrown 11 touchdowns. Against the Ravens, he connected with Kelce on all 11 attempts. This is a massive feat against a team that was first in sacks (60), takeaways (31), and points allowed (16.5 per game). Leading in those three defensive stats in one season is an NFL record, and they couldn’t stop Mahomes and Kelce.

This dynamic duo has accounted for over 36% of the airborne yardage for Kansas City in the playoffs. You can bet that San Francisco’s coach Shanahan will be working on a defensive plan to break that bond this Sunday.

Purdy and Company

Does Brock Purdy have a talent that the NFL doesn’t recognize? It seems the scouts still can’t figure out why Purdy is doing so well in the NFL. It must be because he’s surrounded by such talent as their four players with over 100 total yards in the playoffs.

Coach Shanahan understands it. He says that Brock can see the whole field. He has a field vision that Jimmy Garoppolo didn’t have and is hard to teach. Shanahan thinks it’s a talent you have to be born with, and the more you use it, the better you get. But you can’t develop it if you don’t start with that talent.

He might have been able to showcase this ability last year if he hadn’t been injured, but he might not have been ready. He’s had an entire season to improve on his field vision. Still, this is only their second appearance at the Super Bowl in five years, while the Chiefs are making their fourth. The 49ers haven’t made it to the Super Bowl as often as the Chiefs in recent years, but they made it to the Conference Championships seven years in a row. You couldn’t find a more closely matched pair of teams.

San Francisco has playoff experience, but Purdy doesn’t have much. He hasn’t even played against Mahomes because the last time these two teams met in the 2022 regular season, Garoppolo was still the starter. Purdy did get on the field in the end, but only after there was no chance for San Francisco to win.

Defense Versus Defense

While the fans were focused on Kansas City’s offensive problems, the defense kept the opposing teams to 24 or fewer points in all but one game this season. That might be all they need to win the Super Bowl because San Francisco has allowed an average of 26 points in their two playoff games. Mahomes and company are definitely above average.

How To Become the Best Pay Per Head Betting Agent

As you can see, the more you look at the stats and the players, the harder it is to guess which team has the advantage. For your sportsbook, keep your limits in and use your layoff account as often as you need. Let your players pick the winners while you rake in the profits.

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