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TV Listings and Price Per Head

TV Listings and Price Per Head Do Go Hand-in-Hand

At first, most online bookie agents might believe that TV listings are meaningless. After all, why spend time worrying about TV listings when their players have deep rooted wagering patterns?

Thinking this way is a mistake. Keep reading to find out why.

Live Betting is a Game Changer

Occasionally, a disruptive force hits an industry. The disruptive force that hit the taxi industry, as an example, was Uber. Luckily, all pay per head agents can take advantage of the disruptive force in the sports betting industry.

Live betting is a game changer. In the blink of an eye, bookmaking has gone from phone calls, to excel sheets, to the Internet.

But, with live betting, the ability for PPH agents to garner untold amounts of action from a single sporting event is there for the taking.

Instead of just accepting action before a game starts and, as an example, in between quarters in a football game, agents can now accept action on games being played in real time.

Why are TV Listings So Important?

Most bookmakers’ businesses are made up of casual players. Most bookmakers service a couple of pro players while casual players provide most of the action.

When it comes to live betting, one powerful trend appears to have emerged: casual players prefer to wager on games that they can watch.

See below for a proven method for agents to garner more action using tools and TV Listings.

  • Turn on Live Betting for all players
  • Check the TV Listings for nationally televised games
  • Promote/market those nationally televised games to players (make sure to let them know that they can live bet on the nationally televised games)
  • Schedule limit overrides, or turn off live betting, for other games so that they are not in competition with the nationally televised game

It makes sense to take advantage of player expectations. For example, if the nationally televised NBA game on ABC this Saturday night is Cavaliers versus Spurs, players are going to expect that they’ll be able to live bet the during the game.

Don’t fight client expectations. Meet client expectations by either scheduling limit overrides on all other NBA games except Cavs versus Spurs. Or, by turning off live betting for all other games that are played during Cavs versus Spurs.

TV listings by themselves are meaningless to online bookie agents. But, utilized in conjunction with existing tools, TV listings are an important aspect to get the most out of live betting.

Become A PayPerHead Agent Today

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