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Boost Profit with $3 Per Head Super Bowl LV Promo

Super Bowl LV Promo: Boost Profit with $3 Per Head

After a tough 2020, pph sportsbook owners are in line for a healthy 2021. The resurgence in sports betting is already underway with college football, the NFL, and college basketball. To celebrate, we’re offering a $3 per head Super Bowl LV promo that lasts until February 7.

Nobody can argue that 2020 was a terrible year. The coronavirus pandemic affected more industries than we can count on a single hand. Even traditional cruise line companies like Royal Caribbean got hit hard. Every single airline, historically influential organizations like American Airlines and Delta, also got blasted.

While the airline industry and the cruise line industry may have a tough time making a full recovery in 2021, one sector maintained its growth trajectory in 2020 and should accelerate in 2021.

Gambling businesses saw only a minimal hit after the NCAA decided to cancel the 2020 Men’s College Basketball Tournament and the NBA and NHL shut down their seasons. 

Bookies that offer free betting software don’t just provide sportsbook platforms. They also offer casino, live dealer casino, horse racing, and in-game live betting platforms. 

Different revenue streams can help boost profit year-round. In 2020, multiple streams of revenue helped bookmakers weather one of the most disruptive storms in history.

To celebrate the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, we’re offering a $3 per head Super Bowl LV promo. The promo lasts until February 7. Check out the main reasons you should import your players and participate in the promotion as soon as possible.

Don’t Just Use Super Bowl LV Promo to Make Year-round Revenue

Sports leagues play seasons. Most seasons last from 4 to 6 months, which is why to make money year-round, you must offer wagering on not only every possible sports league but also through multiple gambling software platforms. 

Check out a list of the necessary platforms every sportsbook operator requires to profit 365-days a year. 

  • Sportsbook – Players wager on more than just NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB. These days, players bet on NASCAR, UFC, and boxing. Combat sports, especially, made a comeback because boxing and UFC were the first sports to return after the shutdowns. offers betting options on 80+ sports leagues. 
  • Live betting platform – Betting on games while they’re happening is one of the fastest-growing segments in the sportsbook industry. Our Standard Live platform offers more live betting options than our competitors.  
  • Racebook – During the Triple Crown races, the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes, every person on the planet looks to make horse bets. You don’t require a racebook, but you should at least turn yours on for the Derby, Preakness, and Belmont. If you do offer horse race wagering, make sure to set both max betting and max payout limits. 
  • Digital casino – Who doesn’t want to play a few hands of blackjack once in a while? Your digital casino provides a way for you to make money 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Like all our platforms, the digital casino is mobile, which means your players can wager via their smartphones or tablets. 
  • Live dealer casino – Players can even bet in the live dealer casino while they’re on the go. Some players prefer to wager with a live dealer, while others prefer betting in the digital casino. Either way, you make money. 

PayPerHead only company to offer the Agent Payment Solution

The most crucial aspect of any business, aside from things like the Super Bowl LV promo, is to keep their cash flowing. The reason why is because companies sell products and services. They then use some of that revenue to create and market their products and services. Then, they put the rest into their bank accounts.

When it comes to sports betting software businesses, keeping cash flowing means making payouts and collections online and as efficiently as possible. The Agent Payment Solution (APS) is the only system that allows pay per head agents to make online payments and collections. 

Not only can agents make online payments and collections, but players can deposit into their accounts. The APS accepts multiple banking methods, making the process as easy and quickly as possible.

Upgrade to Premium Casino, Live+, and Premium Live Dealer to make even more money

Bookies that stick with the standard digital casino, in-game betting platform, and standard live dealer will make more money with PayPerHead than they would with their current per head provider. If bookmakers wish to make as much profit as possible, they should consider upgrading to the Premium Casino, the Live+ betting platform, and the Premium Live Dealer.

The Premium Casino provides the latest 3D games, including Primal Hunt, Gears of Time, Take Santa’s Shop, and Mr. Vegas. The Live+ platform offers players a game tracker and video streams. The Premium Live Dealer casino has enough tables so that you will never again hear a player complain about having nowhere to sit.

Agents that use the best sportsbook software make the most money. Bookies should import players to PayPerHead so that they can take advantage of the $3 per head Super Bowl LV promo until February 7. 

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