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Super Bowl LI for Per Head Agents

2017 NFL Playoffs

NFL Super Bowl LI: Futures, Favorites, and Betting Odds

The 2017 NFL Playoffs start this Saturday, Jan. 7. Online bookie agents should pay attention to the following teams. It’s almost a given that agents are going to receive a ton of Super Bowl LI wagers.

Read below for info on the hot teams going into the playoffs as well as how pay per head agents can manage wagering on those teams.

Super Bowl LI Favorites

New England +150

Dallas +350

Green Bay +750

Pittsburgh +750


Super Bowl LI Fair Value Plays


Kansas City +850

Atlanta +850


Super Bowl LI Best Underdog Plays


NY Giants +1800

Houston +4600

Detroit +5500

Oakland +6000

Miami +7000


In the case of the favorites, New England, Dallas, Green Bay, and Pittsburgh, per head agents should look out for wagers from their two different sets of players, casual and pro. Casual players are going to dump on New England at +150.

At any odds above even money, a ton of casual players, due to New England’s record, QB Tom Brady, and Coach Bill Belichick, figures to garner wagering action.

Pro players are almost assuredly going to wager on Kansas City and Atlanta. Atlanta could demand a ton of wagering action from a bookmaker’s pro players.

The reason is that the Falcons had the best offense in the NFL this season. Atlanta also traversed arguably the toughest schedule in the NFL in 2016.

Kansas City will get some love. The Chiefs have turned into a powerhouse offensive team due to the play of running back and wide receiver combo player Tyreek Hill.

Hill can rush the football and catch the football equally well. Hill can also make a splash on special teams since he runs back punts. KC’s defense is still a decent unit.

Price per head agents could see action on Oakland +6000, Miami +7000, Detroit +5500, or Houston +4600. But the guess here is that since all those teams have issues to get over, only agents with deep client bases are going to see action on any of those playoff teams to win the Super Bowl.

The team to watch out for are the New York Giants. The Giants have a two-time Super Bowl winning QB in Eli Manning. Eli gets to throw the football to the best WR in the NFL in Odell Beckham Jr.

The Giants also have one of the better defenses in the NFL. Pro and casual underdog players alike might pound the Giants in price per head agent books. 

How Price Per Head Agents Manage Risk

With PayPerHead’s premium package bookies have access to the tools they need to manage risk. Outside of the tools below, they have access to stats and reporting that help per head agents see where they are making the most money, and how they can leverage their popular bets.

Right now, price per head agents can upgrade to PayPerHead’s premium package for free today. Take your business to the next level and go pro today.

Mass Editing Tool – Set max betting limits on all teams to win Super Bowl LI. The easiest way to do this is via the mass editing tool.

Schedule limit override tool – Utilize the schedule limit override tool to shut off Super Bowl LI future wager betting from Friday to the following Monday. If for example, the Giants beat the Packers in their wildcard game matchup this Sunday, players could jump all over the Giants since New York took down NFC number one seed Dallas twice during the regular season.

Online bookie agents can always contact a rep with any questions. The phone number is 888-978-0288 if agents wish to call.


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