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NFL Conference Championships Tips

Super Bowl 52

Super Bowl 52 – Get More Action With The NFL Conference Championships

With only two games left in the current NFL Season before Super Bowl 52, some pay per head agents could be searching for betting dollars this Sunday.

Neither the NFC Championship nor the AFC Championship is likely to draw as much attention as usual. The NFC Championship is where a real problem might lie.

The only real name player among all 4 teams is Patriots’ QB, Tom Brady. The NFL schedule makers did a disservice to themselves by having Brady and the Patriots battle the Jacksonville Jaguars before the Minnesota Vikings take on the Philadelphia Eagles.

Luckily, for per head agents, there’s a way to garner betting interest on the Vikings at Eagles NFC Championship on Sunday. Check out a proven method to drum up interest in the game.

How to Promote NFC Conference Championship

If an agent assumes that players will show interest in betting for or against the defending Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots on Sunday, increasing action on Vikings at Eagles is where an agent’s efforts should be.

There are two fantastic ways you, the bookie, can drum up action on Vikings at Eagles.

The First Way: Cross-Sport Parlays

You should be offering higher odds on a 4-team, specific, cross-sports parlay that you’ve created.

Make sure to offer at least 12 to 1 odds on the cross-sports parlay.

In addition to including Vikings at Eagles, the cross-sports parlay should also include an NBA game from Jan. 3, an NCAAB game from Jan. 3, and an NHL game from Jan. 3

Start promoting the parlay on Friday night, or early Saturday morning, whenever odds have been established.

It’s important that you set minimum and maximum betting limits on the parlay. A range of $20 to $100 might work. The higher your max betting limit, the lower the potential payout.

For example, if you wish to offer a max betting limit of $100, the payout odds should be no higher than 12 to 1.

If you wish to offer a max betting limit of $50, you can bump the payout odds up to around 15 to 1. The potential for higher winnings on a 4-team parlay above a normal 4-team parlay should entice plenty of betting action.

The Second Way: Entice Players

Another way to entice action is to simply offer something small like a $10 free wager against the spread on the Vikings at Eagles game.

Use the PayPerHead’s Line Mover and make sure to add a half a point to the current spread of Minnesota -3.

PayPerHead agents with Professional Package can upgrade to the Prime Package for FREE for a limited time.

Online bookies looking to start there sportsbook can get the Prime Package for just $10 per head.

Then, let players know that you’ve credited their accounts with $10 that they can use to bet on either the Vikings or Eagles to cover the spread. Currently, 51% favor the Vikings at -3. 49% favor the Eagles at +3.

Most players that take up the offer will back up their $10 freebie bet with real dollars. The $10 freebie bet is the carrot that drives players to provide more betting action on Vikings at Eagles.

Both methods of drumming up betting action on the boring NFL Conference Championship game this Sunday, Vikings at Eagles, should provide some online bookie benefits.

Also, just as a side note, pay attention to live betting on both games.

Don’t let live bettors take your sportsbook down.

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