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Bookmaker Tips Stanley Cup Finals

How To Increase Sportsbook Action Using The 2018 Stanley Cup Finals

The 2018 Stanley Cup Finals is here. The NHL Stanley Cup doesn’t often provide mass amounts of action.

That’s why it’s important for all online bookie agents to read about how they can increase sportsbook action via the 2018 Stanley Cup Finals.

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Here are some ways bookies can promote action on the 2018 Stanley Cup Finals.

Vegas Golden Knights Is An Expansion Team

Can you think of a better hook than the Vegas Golden Knights? The Knights are an expansion team. That means they are made up of players that other teams in NHL decided weren’t important enough to keep on their squads.

Crazy, right? This is the biggest hook to get sports bettors interested in the 2018 Stanley Cup Finals.

Before the season started, Vegas was a +6000 shot to win the Stanley Cup.

Once the season started, and sports bettors realized how good the Golden Knights were, the odds on Vegas began to drop until they became a +2000 shot before the NHL Playoffs.

Now, Vegas is a solid -110 favorite to win the 2018 Stanley Cup. That’s close to crazy. It’s a great story that per head agents should use to promote Stanley Cup Finals action.

2018 Stanley Cup Series Odds Suggest Competitiveness

The team that Vegas meets in the Stanley Cup Finals will either be the Tampa Bay Lightning or the Washington Capitals.

The Lightning and Capitals battle each other in Game 7 on May 23. Either team will have a shot to upset Vegas to win the Cup.

This isn’t a situation where one team is a -350 favorite over the other team to win a championship. That happens a lot in the NBA.

It doesn’t happen in NHL. What it means is that no matter if a bettor likes the Eastern Conference winner or the Vegas Golden Knights, that bettor is assured of fair odds.

Upsets happen all the time in the Stanley Cup – Upsets happen all the time in the Stanley Cup Finals Series. Teams that are favored on the money line don’t always win individual hockey games.

When upsets have a better chance of occurring, pro players and casual players have a better chance of making more money.

Neither the Vegas Golden Knights nor the Western Conference winner projects to take the 2018 Stanley Cup in 4 games.

That’s music again to the ears of sports bettors.

Pay per head agents can increase action via the 2018 Stanley Cup Finals Series. The way for them to do that is to promote the Stanley Cup Finals.

The best way to promote the Stanley Cup Finals is to discuss how the Vegas Golden Knights are an expansion team, talk about the Stanley Cup Finals competitiveness, and alert bettors to how upsets happen all the time in the Stanley Cup Finals.

One last thing, make sure you use your PayPerHead tools and set max betting limits, using your mass editing tools, on both teams in the Finals, and on the moneyline wager. Promote the game—and protect your profit.

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