2019 top ten sporting events
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Sports Betting Events

10 Sports Betting Events Happening In 2019 & How Bookies Can Profit

2019 is here. Online bookie agents should get a calendar and pen and jot down the following 10 sports betting events. They can then set up promotions around the events.

Top 10 Sports Betting Events

The following 10 events are mainly mainstream events that receive a lot of attention on sports networks in the U.S.A.

However, keep international sports betting events in mind as they are on the rise (we mention a few down the list). Be sure your sportsbook management software allows you to access as many international

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1. Super Bowl 53 – Feb. 3

The Super Bowl remains the most wagered upon sports event in the world. More than $5 billion is bet on the Super Bowl every year. That’s the money that’s calculated.

Check out the latest Super Bowl 53 Odds & How To Manage Action!

The action you accept on the Super Bowl won’t be calculated. Promote the Super Bowl as much as you can. Especially promote prop betting.

2. NFL Playoffs – January

Make sure to promote every single NFL Playoff game. Starting this Wildcard Weekend, you should push for action on every possible wager that your clients can make on every NFL battle.

3. NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament

The NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament is 3-weeks of per head agent bliss. 64 teams battle it out to cut down the nets and take the trophy.

4. Kentucky Derby – May 2

The fastest two minutes in sports can lead to major dollars to your bottom line. It’s difficult to win any horse race. The Derby offers multiple pools and plenty of other races on which your players can make money.

Horse racing odds are always attractive because they’re almost always above even money. Promote horse racing as every day betting options. Really promote the Kentucky Derby.

5. NBA Finals – June

After football ends, many sports bettors will be desperate to place against the spread wagers. The NBA Finals doesn’t take place until June.

So, make sure that the day after the Super Bowl you start promoting basketball wagers on NBA games. Then, build your promotions for the NBA Playoffs and into June for the NBA Finals.

6. 2019 World Series – October

During a couple of months, baseball is the only game in town. Promote baseball betting and find the best storylines for this year’s World Series.

7. Stanley Cup Finals – Game 1 – May 28

Hockey’s popularity continues to rise. Don’t forget about the Stanley Cup.

8. UEFA Champions League Final – June 1

The Champions League final should include a couple of teams from the most important leagues in soccer: English Premier League, La Liga Primera Division, and Italian Serie A.

Make sure your all over this soccer match on June 1.

9. Cricket World Cup – May 30 – July 15

10. Rugby World Cup – Sep. 20 – Nov. 2

Both cricket and rugby should gain in popularity this year. Both sports put on their World Cups. Make sure to get as much international betting action as you can.

Also, ensure profit by utilizing pay per head software tools.

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