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South Carolina vs Gonzaga

Most Profitable Bets For Online Bookies: South Carolina VS Gonzaga

The 2017 Final Four Semifinals take place this Saturday, April 1. West Region winner 1 Gonzaga battles East Region winner 7 South Carolina. The game tips off at 6:09 pm ET this Saturday.

Online bookie agents might want to consider thinking about the South Carolina versus Gonzaga match up.

After I studied the game, I realized that it should be the most profitable one for agents out of the two Final Four Semifinals.

Spread: South Carolina +6.5, Gonzaga -6.5

Gonzaga opened as a -6.5 favorite against the spread. The odds were set this past Sunday night, on March 26, after the Final Four was set.

Gonzaga hasn’t gotten a ton of love to cover the spread versus South Carolina. In fact, 55% so far back South Carolina at +6.5 while 45% back Gonzaga.

The difference between the two percentages, 10%, isn’t enough for most agents to use their layoff accounts.

Then again, if you’re an agent that services a ton of players living in South Carolina, and all the action is going towards the Gamecocks, you should use your layoff account to balance wagering on both sides of the spread.

If your book follows the norm, the 10% difference, don’t worry about using your layoff account.

Moneyline: South Carolina +240, Gonzaga -280

All pay per head agents must set max betting limits on South Carolina and Gonzaga to win their semifinal match up on Saturday.

If they do that, set moneyline max betting limits, profit should be assured. There are some who believe that Gonzaga wins easily. -280 are hard odds for pro players to swallow.

Casual players like hitting winners. They don’t care so much about odds.

Also, some casual players like to put together big moneyline parlays where they string together 6 to 10 moneyline teams.

Consider not allowing Gonzaga to be a part of any moneyline MLB and NBA parlays. That should also help ensure profit.

South Carolina vs Gonzaga Over/Under: 138

A 138 total implies that each team scores 69 points. I believe the total goes over 138. Gonzaga loves to play fast.

So far in this tournament, South Carolina has played fast when their opponent plays fast, they put up 93 against Marquette and 88 against Duke.

When the Gamecocks’ opponent has slowed it down, like Baylor, South Carolina pummels that opponent.

The Gamecocks beat Baylor 70 to 50.

Handicap the game yourself. If you agree with me, be careful about going directly to your layoff account should most action to your book go under the total.

You could end up leaving profit on the table if you try to balance the books.

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