When you are an online bookie, you will get a lot of advice on how to market your business from a variety of sources. One good piece of advice that you will get is to make sure that you spend plenty of time marketing your website offline by taking out magazine ads and meeting with people in person. Websites that advertise offline as well as online strengthen their message and add another layer of legitimacy in the minds of clients.While it is important to advertise your bookie service offline, you cannot ignore the importance of online advertising as well. The one great thing about advertising online is that, when you do it properly, you can do a large portion of it for free. Social networking allows you to reach out and talk to millions of people all over the world who may be interested in placing bets with your website. The key is to understand how to find those people and to spend the time building up your online presence as well.There are two key tools that you need to use when marketing online; a blog and Internet message boards. When you start a blog with the larger, free online services, you will automatically have access to their online communities and the major search engines will find your blog a lot easier as well. A little controversy is always good for getting people interested in your blog, but avoid alienating people by going overboard with controversial subjects. Always encourage people to leave comments and make sure that you stay interactive with your audience. It is also important to post at least one new piece of content every day and include the link to your betting website all over your blog.Internet message boards are filled with people who are just waiting to read your blog and bet on your website. Make sure that you get involved with the many sports betting message boards and stay active. Put your blog address and your betting website address in your signature and start engaging people in discussions. This will help to drive people to your websites and it will also help to establish an audience for your social networking as well.Once you get active with a blog and message boards, then you can expand to include social networking websites. Once again, make sure that your betting website address is all over your social networking profile and you need to stay active every day on social networking websites to get them to work for you. Search out groups of people who have an interest in sports and start gathering up friends and followers from those groups. It takes a while to build a strong presence on social media,  but the end result will be a constant flow of new visitors and repeat customers to your website that will help your business to grow.