Most online bookie agents are hesitant to promote their businesses. This makes sense. Even though the Supreme Court knocked down a law that banned sports betting, that doesn’t mean that sports betting is automatically legal in every state in the U.S.

Those states can make sports betting legal if they’d like. The anonymity that was in place before the Supreme Court’s decision remains in place.

What it means is that with any type of marketing, agents must think about what they’re doing and why they’re doing it.

That includes really thinking about social media marketing. Social media marketing doesn’t have the same force that it had in the past.

The reason? We, all of us, everyone on the planet has gotten used to not paying attention to digital advertising. We just don’t care anymore.

That’s why when you market on social media, you’re not selling a service or product, you’re selling an image, yourself, your brand.


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Check out the best ways for you to do that while still maintaining a sense of anonymity. And, for more useful tips and tricks about promoting your sportsbook, be sure you have the right sportsbook management software.

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Use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter together

It makes no sense to only use Facebook and not Instagram, or to only tweet and not have a Facebook account.

You must use all 3 together.


When you use all 3 together, imply you run an online sportsbook

Don’t ever say, “I run an online sportsbook.”

First, it just sounds strange.

Second, pro players won’t take you seriously.

Third, you could be exposing yourself.

Instead, imply that you’re an online sportsbook by offering wagering odds, telling them the title of your company, and posting about sports, not necessarily about betting on sports.


Never approach a client or potential client via public messages

Always use private social media messaging to promote your online sportsbook to potential clients.

Also, make sure to vet the specific players you wish to entice to use your sportsbook to place wagers. There’s such a thing as online word of mouth.

Prospect for new clients via your current clients. Most definitely do not broadcast what you do publicly. Calling attention to yourself is never the way to go in the online bookie industry.


Blog, or hire a blogger

Once you develop a following, hire a blogger, or write your own blogs. Then, let your followers know about the blog.

For example, if you wrote a blog about the Super Bowl, make sure your followers know about the Super Bowl.

This is important: your blog shouldn’t have an obvious tie to your online bookie business. You want to remain somewhat anonymous. So, write your blog under an assumed name.

The key is to always think first before doing anything on social media. We know this. Think about what happened to Roseanne Barr after a single comment and you get the idea.

Once it’s out there in the public space, it’s out there forever. So, always think first.