The biggest misconception new online betting website owners make is they think that social media is this great marketing resource that allows them to reach millions of people around the world for free. While social media can give your website exposure to millions of prospective clients, you need to remember that it takes a great deal of work to gain that kind of audience on social media. As with getting traffic to your website, it takes a lot of marketing and effort to get people to notice you and interact with you on social media.The most important thing any business owner can do is read the rules about using a social media platform before you start posting contests and marketing promotions. For example, Facebook has pages and pages of rules about what you can and cannot do when it comes to marketing your business on the site. If you break any of those rules, your Facebook page could get shut down for good. So it is in your best interest to read and understand all of the rules.Is Facebook really as powerful of a marketing tool as it is made out to be? Before you put a lot of time, effort, and maybe even money into a social networking platform, you need to learn how it really works. For example, Facebook limits the number of people who can see a business page to around six percent of the likes that the page has. If your business page has 5,000 likes, then only around 300 people saw that promotional message you posted last week. So you spent months building up the number of likes on your Facebook page and now it does you no good unless you pay for every post you make.Just as with anything else in the business world, social media is not as cut and dry as it is made out to be. Twitter may be the very best way for you to promote your website and grow your customer base. It all depends on what kind of exposure Twitter offers versus the other social media platforms. You will need to take a look at all of the major social media platforms and decide which ones are worth your time and which ones are not.The biggest key to making social media work for your business is to be sure to stay active on all of your platforms every single day. If you have a Facebook page, then you need to log into it every day and interact with your network. If you do not create new content each day for social media, then you will not have the dynamic network you need to create traffic for your website. Remember that most social media websites allow you to connect to each other and update your social media sites all at once. That means that your latest tweet on Twitter can also be your newest post on Facebook. Use the Internet to your advantage and get that traffic flowing to your website.