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Bitcoin Deposits and Promotions

Online Bookie Tips: Bonus Offers To Shift Players To Deposit Bitcoin

It’s important that pay per head agents make an initial Bitcoin deposit on The reason is that a 5% rebate awaits those agents that make their initial deposit with Bitcoin.

All fees are also waived for Bitcoin deposits.

Example Offers to Shift Players to Bitcoin

Once agents have made an initial Bitcoin deposit, agents must then decide how to shift players to Bitcoin.

See below for possible ways to convince players to use Bitcoin.

The extra money bonus offer

Ears perk up when more money than usual is offered. Who doesn’t like extra money? That’s right. Nobody dislikes extra money!

Per head agents must be careful if they go this route, though. There should be stringent rules attached to any money attached to a Bitcoin deposit.

What sort of rules should agents consider?

One of the best is to only release bonus money once that amount of money has been played.

So, as an example, if someone deposits $200 via Bitcoin, the $200 in bonus money will be released as the original $200 is played.

It takes extra effort to make sure this happens. It’s well worth it. The extra effort will prevent players from dumping both their initial Bitcoin deposit as well as the bonus money onto a single play.

Lower takeout bonus offer

This is a creative way to get pro players interested in shifting to Bitcoin. Most pro players only bet when they have an edge. Pro players won’t bet unless the math works out to their advantage.

The math I’m talking about is the juice or vig.

Think about it this way, a casual player almost assuredly won’t care if a half a point is added to a whole number spread.

A pro player almost assuredly will care unless that pro player truly believes in the wager.

Why? Because paying 10% juice on top of a half a point added makes no sense to many pro players.

A great way to get pro players to shift to Bitcoin is to say that with the first ATS wager after the first Bitcoin deposit, you’ll lower the takeout by 5%.

That’s a huge incentive for pro players. See an example of how a pro player saves money:

    $5,000 against the spread wager at 10% juice = $500 takeout.

    $5,000 against the spread wager at 5% juice = $250 takeout.

These are just two ways to convince players to make deposits with Bitcoin or Ethereum. Another easy way, the tried and true way, is to continually market that all Bitcoin deposits are free of any fees.

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