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Online Bookies Should Already Have The Settle Alert Tool for 2017 NFL Betting

The 2017-2018 NFL Season starts on Thursday, Sept. 7, when Kansas City battles New England on the road. From then, it could be NFL every week, every day, until Super Bowl 52.

What does this mean to pay per head agents?

What it means is that they must pay even more attention to what goes on in their bookmaking businesses.

It also means that before Sept. 7, as soon as possible, agents must settle with all their clients. They must also settle before monetary settle requirements are met.

The best way to do this is through the settle alert tool.


Settle Alert Tool:  A Refresher

The settle alert tool is one of the best ways for an online bookie to manage his or her business.

The settle alert tool allows online bookies to create a pre-settle. The pre-settle pings agents when it’s time to collect or payout before a settle limit has been reached.

Why It’s Important for Players to Be at Even Before NFL Starts

Players, both casual and pro, can get in deep once NFL betting starts. It’s important that players, no matter their categorization, are at even before the NFL, or college football begins.

If players aren’t at even, it might be more difficult to collect from those players once football season begins.


How to Use the Settle Alert Tool

The process below is just a general idea on how to use the settle alert tool.

Not all online bookie agents are the same. You might prefer to use the settle alert tool differently than what’s listed here.

Always do what works best for you.

  1. Create settle alerts for all your players – – Casual and pro
  2. Once a settle alert hits, contact the player.
  3. Set-up a meeting time for either a payout or collection.
  4. Collect or payout.


Keep in communication with your players with a premium sports betting software. If they can’t adhere to the settle alert, make sure to discuss options on payouts.

Also, don’t be afraid to discuss forcing a betting break to your players. Again, the above process is a general idea on how to use the settle alert.

You run your business. It’s up to you to decide the best method for using the settle alert tool.

The one piece of advice that you should adhere to is settling with all your players before Sept. 7. Once NFL Season begins, collecting, or even paying out, could adversely affect cash flow. is a premium sportsbook software that will help online bookies to grow their bottom line.

The NFL season is kicking off soon and agents need a premium sportsbook software. To kick off the season is offering the Prime Package for as little as $3 per head.


Call now and receive a 7-day trial.  Get the right tools, grow your bottom line with and become an agent today.


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